As the sun began to break through the morning mist, campers were rolling out of bed. Everyone is feeling very well rested after that extra hour of sleep we got this morning! Here at camp, we like to do things a little differently on Sundays, and sleeping in an extra hour is just the start of Sunday Funday. After feasting on cinnamon rolls, grits, chocolate milk, and an assortment of fruits, we headed over to the chapel for a time of worship and prayer. Instead of a true story, we take the time to talk to God and lift any prayer requests our guys have mentioned. 

Next, it was time for some cleaning. We may take some time to rest on Sundays but, that doesn’t mean we take time off from cleaning those cabins! After all … cleanliness is next to Godliness as the saying goes! The race for the Golden Plunger is heating up as only .01 of a point separates first and second place! Will anyone knock Hawksbill off the top of the podium? Stay tuned for updates.

One of the other things that make Sundays so special here at camp is the chance to pick your adventure. This morning the guys had the opportunity to participate in some tournaments, games, and competitions of all sorts. There were some tough decisions to make as the guys had fort building, fishing, sandcastle building, cards, giant Jenga, soccer, and Sunday at the Masters (disc golf) to choose from. I personally chose soccer and we had an absolute blast channeling our inner Messi’s and Ronaldo’s up on Spencer’s Green. 

Along with some incredible in-camp activities, we had two trips out today as well. On our rafting trip, we had Robert B, Claude C, Briggs F, Wilson F, Oliver H, Lawson H, David K, Asher C, McClane H, and Brooks L. They sent it down Section 9 of the French Broad. We also sent out a day hike group that explored multiple waterfalls on their adventures. On the day hike, we had Sky W, Zachary M, Cole R, Connor C, Crosby U, Fletcher H, David C, Hayes C, George PC, Dom C, and Chance S

Lunchtime came quickly but to nobody’s disappointment. We worked up an appetite at all these awesome activities! We thoroughly enjoyed our turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn. Another Sunday surprise came when the Senior Staff brought out dessert after lunch!! Apple turnovers were enjoyed by all. John’s announcement of a whole rest hour was a great idea after such a feast! 

The afternoon brought with it sunny skies which called for a free swim!!! We couldn’t believe it when Lucie, our waterfront director, announced that the lake was open to absolutely everyone!!! The blob, rope swing, high dive, and diving board were in full swing as the boys enjoyed cooling off in the lake. Elsewhere around camp, Big Slaty counselor Alex T, hosted a flag football tournament, there was a basketball tournament and guys just enjoyed hanging out with their buddies and having all of camp open to roam. 

Dinner time rolled around, which on Sundays means that our incredible Senior Staff delivers pizza to all the cabins!! The boys loved getting to tear into some pizza, watermelon, and Caeser salad. 

Our final special event this Sunday was vespers! We saw two wonderful camper skits, followed by an appearance from everyone’s favorite table tennis champions, Ping and Pong. Hopefully, they come back soon. Hydration tried to make a bargain with John and get a day off but as we all know here at camp, hydration NEVER takes a vacation. Hydration claimed he’d be back with a new lawyer so we’ll see how that plays out. The Black Mountain Oysters absolutely shredded tonight and played some hits as well as some chapel favorites. We then enjoyed getting to hear from John about the 40 roman wrestlers who became Christians and gave their lives up to glorify Christ and Christ alone. 

Tribal soccer and basketball are wrapping up as I type this … I can’t wait to find out who won tomorrow at lunch! Stay tuned to find out. 

We’re enjoying every minute of every day here and can’t wait to see what new adventures this coming week brings! 

Winston Horn

“The Sultan of Fun”

Proud Golden Eagle

Hotty Toddy