It was another thrilling day at Camp Timberlake. The glory that is Reveille rang at a prompt 7:00 AM, and the boys sprung from their beds. Breakfast consisted of French Toast Sticks, eggs, and sausage. There was a crisis in Junior Camp when we realized that the kitchen was out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but we persevered and headed outside for the morning yell. The morning yell was a little chaotic (about 5 different counselors led it), but chaos is normal and welcomed here at Camp Timberlake. Chapel was led by counselor Jordan R. who talked about Jesus being our guide. Then the boys were let loose to go “CLEAN THOSE CABINS!”

We sent a few trips out to adventure today. Andres D. Ryland K. Christian S. Elliot S. and Eiji T. went trail running today at Lookout Mountain and ran four and a half miles! Richard B. Ford B. Mason B. Benjamin A. Cole S. and Spencer V.G. all went mountain biking today on some steezy trails in Hickory Park. They were crushing it as always!

Back at camp, the heat intensified as the first period began. Max W. got his roll in kayaking! Wes D. and Charlie H. did some powerful tire flips in fitness. Now the fun didn’t end there. Percy M. and Harris N. both got their bronzes in canoeing. Canoeing is a surprisingly difficult art. The boys had to work through an entire class period to perfect their T-Rescue. A T-Rescue is when a boat has been swamped and the boys must pull the swamped canoe out of the water and into their boat and then flip it back over. Quite a feat for such a young pair. 

The second period began with Tucker L. and John R. getting their silver in Field Sports. Richard B. beat a counselor in order to get one step close to getting his gold in Disc Golf. (We will not reveal that counselor’s name as he might be embarrassed.) In Backpacking, the boys learned to purify water at the lake. Chance S. taught his group to purify the water as he is working on his silver bar. In Swimming, the boys learned the Butterfly Stroke in order to one day have a shot at being in the Olympics, GO USA! Harrison D. learned his strokes for his silver in canoeing. Owen M. repelled from the tower in climbing. That takes a lot of courage to have to walk backward off a cliff, so we are very proud!

Lunch came around with Chili Cheese Dogs and Pretzel Bites, a crowd favorite. A staff favorite, Rest Time, followed lunch and was much needed. Trading Post and Free Time were welcomed with a light rainstorm which led to some disappointment as the lake had to be closed. However, the boys were champs and still had fun playing games together and hanging out. The afternoon classes passed in a flash, and it was time for dinner. We thanked the kitchen for Chicken Alfredo and warm Breadsticks. Graham P. led the camp in singing the “Fortnite” song, and Christian S. gave a beautiful rendition of “Firework” by Katy Perry only using the word “meow” in front of the entire camp and was given a standing ovation. The night ended with the best evening activity at camp… BATTLEBALL! We will have to find out who wins tomorrow!

Signing off,

Margaret Patton

Assistant Program Director

Proud Golden Eagle