As the first week comes to a close at Camp Timberlake, we dove into the first Little Chief ceremony of Session 3B. The Little Chief ceremony is a time to honor and celebrate campers who go beyond expectations to earn bars and ranks in the multitude of activities, return to camp every year, and thrive in their cabins. The bars system consists of bronze, silver, and gold bars worth 0.5, 1, and 2 marks respectively. Upon receiving marks, campers are awarded different ranks. In Junior Camp, the ranks are Scout, Guide, Pioneer, and Ranger, and in Senior Camp the ranks are Tracker, Hunter, Warrior, Pathfinder, and Little Chief. Next, each cabin awards Counselor and Camper Commendations to campers that excel in cabin life and seek to lead, guide, and build up their cabin. Finally, we get to celebrate the campers that have returned to camp year after year with the Sons of Timberlake awards. The awards are given for 3, 6, and 10 year Sons of Timberlake.

Earning their bronze in Archery: Boone K., and Peter Q.
Earning their silver in Backpacking: Eiji S. and Daniel A.
Earning their bronze in Basketball: Steele G., Bennett J., Tommy F., and Carson B.
Earning their bronze in Field Sports: Rylan K., Alec W., Cole R., Colton R., Will M., David E., Wyatt F., and receiving their silvers: Rylan K., and Christian S.
Earning their bronze in Improv: Sam A., Thomas B., Ward C., Nick D., Ethan L., Cole R., Kieran S., Liam T., Michael U., Alec W., Connor B., Cole S., Eiji S., Spencer VG., Lucas Z., Davis O., Bo S., Elliot S., Peter Q., and Carson B.
Earning their bronze in Kayaking: George P., Byers N., Tyler S., Joseph., and Davis O.
Earning their bronze in Riflery: Quinn S.
Earning their bronze in Swimming: David E., Maximilian K., Boone K., Edward B., Thomas B., Oliver G., Bay J., Bennett J., Hays S., and Zachary M., receiving their silvers: Maximilian K., Reid S., Steele G., and Bay J., and receiving their golds: Will R., Boone K., Quinn S., Bay J., Steele G., and Davis O.
Earning their bronze in Tennis: Nic R., Oliver G., and Colton R. receiving their silvers: Bay J., Bradley J., Tyler S., and Andres D., and receiving their gold: Bradley J.

Following the celebration of bars, we moved into our promotions. The first Junior Camp promotion is to the rank of Scout, those earning their Scout bands tonight were Connor B., William E., and Alec W.. To the rank of Guide: Steele G., Matthew L., and Reid S. Finally, earning their Pioneer bands: Reynolds A., Cole R., and Liam T. In Senior Camp, those receiving their Tracker bands tonight were: Edward B., Rhett C., Aidan H., Bay J., Bradley J., Boone K., Will R., and Alexander S. Receiving their Hunter bands: Joseph B., Will M., Davis O., and Quinn S. Receiving his Warrior band: Bo S. And Finally, receiving their Pathfinder bands: Ford B., Cole S., and Lucas Z.

The next part of the ceremony is a time to honor our camper and counselor’s commendations. Those chosen for commendations get to stamp their handprint onto the Commendation Beam with the colors of their tribe.

Finch’s Landing:
Counselor: William E., Sims R.
Camper:Cole G., William E.

Further Up
Counselor: Liam T., Connor B.
Camper: Liam T., Tommy F.

Further In
Counselor: Keiran S., Luca V.
Camper: Reynolds A., Reid S.

Counselor: Alex W., Duke S.
Camper: Enzo R., Cole R.

Counselor: Matthew L., Owen S.
Camper: Theo T., John M.

Little Piney
Counselor: Bay J., David E.
Camper: Matthew A., Max K.

Stomper’s Knob
Counselor: Rhett C., Quinn S.
Camper: Davis O., Edward B.

Little Slaty
Counselor: Grant H., Jack D.
Camper: Peter Q., Ford B.

Big Slaty
Counselor: Elliott S.
Camper: Bo S.

Counselor: Lowry S., Connor B., Christian S.
Camper: Lucas Z., Cole S.

The final portion of the Little Chief ceremony is the Sons of Timberlake awards. The 3 year Sons of Timberlake receive a gold Timberlake pin that is put on their skin (a piece of leather that marks their bars, elective marks, and years at camp). Those receiving this pin are Bridge B., Carson B., Beckett B., Steele G., Aidan H., Bradley J., Will M., Reid S., Alexander S., and John W. The 6 year Sons of Timberlake receive a necklace with an engraved silver arrowhead to proudly wear at and away from camp. Those receiving this necklace are Rhett C. and Evan F. The last award given at the Little Chief ceremony is the 10 year Sons of Timberlake award. The 10-year award is but a small thank you to the many years spent and dedicated at camp by very special individuals. Tonight, Jordan R. and Teddy O. received their 10 year Sons of Timberlake paddles that will forever hang in the Tuck and a Timberlake belt to wear and remind them of their many years at camp.

Following the Little Chief ceremony, the whole camp will make its way to an epic and glorious Shaving Cream War and Slip-n-Slide! It has been an amazing week full of fun activities, thrilling trips, and legendary tribal games at Camp Timberlake and we are so excited for another great week to come!

Signing off,

Molly Callaway

Program Director