It was a chilly morning here at Timberlake, so that means hoodies and coats are a necessity for our walk down to breakfast. As all of our campers roll up to The Tuck for a delicious breakfast of French Toast, eggs, and sausage, we get fueled up and ready for the full day ahead of us. With multiple trips going out today many of our campers are ecstatic to change up the pace a little bit from their usual camp schedules. Not leaving camp today, but dedicating the whole morning to shredding our gnarly mountain bike trail Andres D., Ford B., and Cole S. all got geared up and ready to go. Looking like professionals on the trail these three tore up our tabletop jump and brand new airbag section, way to go guys! The next trip going out is a Pigeon River Rafting trip, one of the coolest rivers these kids get to experience at camp. A full van is packed up with our bagged lunches, WFR kit, and eleven eager kids ready to go have a blast. The campers joining our awesome staff on this trip were Matthew A, David C, Sam G, Oliver G, Bay J, Mason L, Will R, John M, Colton R, and Ruffin S. So happy that they had a fun time and made it back to camp safely. Our final trip that went out today was a bouldering trip to Beacon Heights. Now I don’t know how much you all know about this spot but this place is truly an amazing place to boulder. A beautiful overlook is available to eat lunches and has nothing but good vibes flowing while doing so. With so many spots to improve their skills on real boulders, the kids loved every second of being on the amazing granite that North Carolina offers. On this trip were; Zack M, Alec W, Bennett J, Enzo R, Daniel M, Cogan H, Tom D, and Tom B. way to stay safe and have a great time guys!

While these guys were having a blast away from camp the rest of us were doing the same here in this truly amazing place we call home for the summer. Starting at the ranges, Jack D. got a bronze grouping in riflery this morning, way to go, dude! Just up the path to Field Sports earning their bronzes were Connor B, Will N, Tommy F, Henry B, Liam T, and Will H, way to go guys, keep up the good work. After an awesome lunch of cheese quesadillas, we prepare ourselves for a very special event here at camp called The Adventure Race, a totally awesome four-hour-long test of endurance, smarts, and skill. Four teams lead by Christian S., Ryland K., Ford B., and Eiji T. will test themselves and push each other to try harder and work together to complete the daunting challenges they had before them. While these guys had planned on winning this race, God had something else in mind and threw an awesome storm Camps way, putting a halt on all activities and changing the pace up for everyone here at Timberlake. Finishing the night with Senior Camp Cabin Night and Junior Camp Copa del Rio, an awesome game that incorporates four soccer goals instead of two. Another great day at Timberlake, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow. Goodnight!

Colby Short

Wrestling Instructor 

Proud Black Bear