Good Morning Timber – Parents! This slightly bitter morning started with an energetic and joyful mood as we got to sleep in an hour. The positive vibes only continued when we learned that we got as many cinnamon rolls as we could ever want at our Sunday breakfast. The fun didn’t stop there though! The sun peaked out its glorious rays and warmed up the day! The adventure was just about to begin!

Speaking of adventure… Our teams of the adventure race were back at it again, using their brains, wits, and sometimes just brute strength to accomplish the second half of the race. After many hours of planning and racing; Ryland K., Elliot S., Bo S., Andrew D., Cole S., Daniel A., Eiji T., Connor B., Christian S., Lowry S., Lucas., and Lance H, all ran back to the finish line with their last totems in hand and completed the near impossible Adventure Race! 

While they were building rafts out of wood pallets and old buckets, our three double-doodle puppies (Charlie, Ollie, and Sadie) got to take the walk of their lives through the crooked mile. Not to fear, though, Luka V. was right there with them, keeping them on track and in safe hands. 

The dogs weren’t the only ones conquering the magical forests of Camp Timberlake. Different camper teams competed in a fort-building contest that challenged architectural skill and creative expertise. The group called Hawksnest brought home the bacon and secured the win for the best fort. 

A hop, skip, and maybe a mild swim away, challenging that very physics of wet and dry sand, lay the mighty sandcastle builders. These young men accomplished works of art that challenged the very way that foundationally sand could be used. Created in these majestic works of art were castles with drawbridges and mighty walls, but maybe the most impressive (or quite possibly the sandcastle that took the most work) was the mighty GPS. You may be wondering, “GPS, what’s that?” Well, it was the Enormous Pile of Sand. And that it was!

For those like me who couldn’t balance one rock on another, let alone build a fort or sandcastle were drawn to the wild and exciting sport of tennis and the Camp Timberlake Tennis Tournament where Leo and Max K. dominated the court and ended up taking the win. 

After a delicious lunch, the young men in Timberlake decide to try their setting and spiking skills in the renowned beach game of Spikeball. The Spikeball tournament brought glorious wins and outstanding upsets, finally bringing Adam V. and Ted Q. to the finish line to win the glorious game. 

Then it was back to the cabins for a healthy dinner of cheese, and pepperoni, with a splash of tomato sauce on thick doughy bread (also known as pizza). After the delicious pizza, we all headed down for a Sunday tradition like no other, VESPERS. We listened to a lineup of great songs ranging from Sweet Home Alabama to a Shrek classic, All-Star. 

We finish off the night with a camp classic game that brings back the very roots of American exploration, the Gold Rush. And with the thoughts of delicious doughy pizza and shiny gold, we call it a day and head back to the cabins for a very well deserved night of sleep! 

Thanks for tuning in and signing off for tonight!

Scottie Huger

Swimming Instructor

Proud Golden Eagle