Happy tropical Tuesday camp Timberlake! 


We started our tropical day out with some delicious scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and chocolate muffins. Many campers chose to supplement with a bowl of coco puffs or CTC (That’s camp lingo for cinnamon toast crunch). Despite the heavy cereal involvement, breakfast was nonetheless dubbed a “fork meal”. 


After breakfast we headed to chapel to sing some camp favorites: Pharaoh Pharaoh and Star of the Morning. Then our program director, Winston, told a story from when he lived in England growing up and an intense mountain biking episode. At the end of the story young Winston was completed entangled in a bush of briars and needed a friend to come and fish him out. Winston reminded us that Jesus is always there to rescue us when we find ourselves entangled in our own mistakes and sins. A great reminder and great news to start our morning with. 


Campers were stoked to start the day and get to their classes. To start everything off, Carson H. did an incredible job today in swimming and got his gold! This feat must have inspired the rest of camp to absolutely crush their activities today! In fencing, Thomas L. received his bronze and William B. fought hard and brought home the gold! George S. and Ben C. impressed their cabin mates by being able to earn their bronze in riflery. Out shooting mad hoops today was Theo T. and Miles C. for their silver and Zach M. was able to shoot for this bronze as well! Grant S. and Luke R. were crushing it in fitness and got their silver and bronze, respectfully. 


At lunch we gobbled up some yummy pizza and Caesar salad. We also announced the winner of yesterday’s game of battleball: The Golden Eagles! John gave us a run down of the cabin clean up scores and Finch’s Landing once again reigned victorious with the score of a 9.5 The race for the Golden Plunger (awarded to the cleanest cabin at camp) is coming down to the wire. Stay tuned to see who brings home the hardware. 


Now you might be thinking, what an impressive day for camp Timberlake and you would be correct, but wait until you hear about a near impossible feat that was completed today… Milo C. completed Murph in 44 minutes and Eli W. completed Murph in 38 minutes. Murph has to be done in a strict order and without taking a break. The order is 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and then finish with another mile. With completing this, Eli W. earned the 1st fitness gold in camp history! Extremely impressive, way to go! 


Tonight our campers split up into various groups for evening activities. Junior camp is playing a fun game of California kickball while each senior camp cabin is enjoying a special activity prepared by their counselors for cabin night. We’ve got cabins doing pancake making, free swimming, voyager canoeing, beach luau-ing and Hunger Games-ing all over property and it is a sight to see. Greybeard, our oldest cabin, has actually spent the whole day together for their Greybeard trip, an illustrious tradition that spans back generations. Once a session our oldest boys take a very special trip as a cabin to celebrate their final year “on this side of the fire”. Today Greybeard started out by doing a service project for the Black Mountain Home for Children, then played some putt putt and finished the day by driving through Wendy’s for some delicious chocolate Frosties. Being in Greybeard is pretty awesome, but don’t worry boys, you’ll all get there one day. 


Well I guess that does it for another great day at camp. See you tomorrow Timberlake!


Natalie Custer

BME Kayaking Guide


Puppy Camp Director Emeritus

Proud Golden Eagle.