As the morning bugle went off this morning in the chilly mountains here at Camp Timberlake, campers and staff raced to breakfast to eat eggs and hash browns and for staff a healthy dose of coffee. There was then the daily bombastic morning yell which raised our spirits for the day. We headed off to chapel where we sang the most joyous praises to the Lord. Caleb O then told a true story about an unpleasant experience with a dirt bike and how like the friend Caleb shared about understood and helped him in his accident. God is a savior to us as we are in our sin, Galatians 1:3 tells us this. Hugh W, Nathan W, Parker J, Gus T, Henry O, Robert G, Wagner D, and Carson S headed to Old Fort for a fun time trekking through mountainous hills mountain biking. Our oldest cabin at Timberlake Greybeard which included Richard B, William B, Alex F, HP, and Allen W went on their Cabin Trip which was a blast. Campers proceeded to straddle back to the cabins to clean them. The first two periods began and many campers received their bars. Edward B did a side by side recovery in kayaking. Trevor T and Robert I received the bar of bronze in airsoft. Graham W received his bronze in Improv, as well as Charlie T got his bronze in Guitar. Campers raced to lunch where we ate delicious pizza from our wonderful cooks at the tuck. Our Sultan of fun Henry B then announced the winners of our tribal game Great Escape…THE BLACK BEARS!!! Which is my tribe and many other staff and campers pledge allegiance to. We then heard the news of the cabin Stompers Knob winning cabin clean up. Staff and many other campers then winded down for a time of rest before racing to the trading post and many other activities being opened including Rocketry taught by yours truly John K. The last two periods rolled around and Backpacking created a fire. Hugh W caught a whopping three fish in fishing. Matthew beat our fencing instructor in a fencing match to make toward the prestigious silver bar. Being ready for food after a long afternoon we feasted on some delicious pasta and garlic bread with broccoli. Me, John K raised the spirits of Camp Timberlake with Michigan’s own fight song hail to the victors. The sultan Henry B then returned to race through our mess hail to announce the night’s tribal game Copa del rio for junior camp and cabin night. Campers and staff shouted for joy because of the excitement. The older campers enjoyed cabin night with a fun free swim with our blob, rope swing, high dive and other super fun activities as well as our slip n’ slide. Our junior campers were overjoyed about the fun they had with Copa del rio. We then ended our night winding down with a refreshing devotional on chapel from this morning and then dozed into sleep.
John K
Further In Counselor
Proud Black Bear