Camp Timberlake was blessed with an extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning so that we could wait out the rain before heading to breakfast. This morning for breakfast we had a pretty widely accepted egg, sausage, and English muffin sandwich. Afterwards, we were led by an incredible morning yell performance by our very own friendly neighborhood camp director John Menendez. After trying to keep dry we headed to the chapel which was led by Joseph. Today’s story was about checking our own hearts. 

Today even though it was raining we had a ton of stuff going on including trips! The arguably more fun of the two was led by Henry to kayak down the Pigeon river. Case M, Ryker R, Banks P, and Wilson B all went and had an awesome time and got back a little late this afternoon which was around 4th period. 

We had one more trip that was out which was a day hike to Huskins Branch. All those that went were Lewis S, Will S, Charlie F, Peter K, Logan D, Reed P, William J, Carter M, Sam S, Charlie A, Jaxson F, Eric H, and Ellis W.  

For lunch today we had the most exciting sloppy joe’s, matched with hotdogs and of course the awesome salad bar. The Golden Eagles got to celebrate winning 2 tribal games last time in front of the whole camp at lunch while the black bears got a sad but proud 1. Lastly, with lunch Chad and Also Chad (a favorite skit) confessed to stealing our firedock, which was missing from the lake after all the rain.

Around camp we had a lot of kids having fun and working on bars. In backpacking today, they learned how to pack a pack. Tennis played King of the Court. Finally, in fishing we had a competition on who could catch the most. Some more specific shoutouts, Nolan B and HP both got their 30 yard grouping today in archery which is one of the mornings difficult things to hit. 

This evening at dinner we were again blessed with chicken and rice with egg rolls. The energy was high while waiting for not just dessert but also waiting for the new evening activity… Super Mario Bros! It was just newly created as a camp-wide Mario-themed game that the kids absolutely loved! 

Hope y’all have an awesome day! 

Cale Mccoy 

Swimming Instructor

Proud Black Bear