Second Session started off with a bang! The showers of Opening Day led into a beautiful Monday morning and a fantastic start to our activities. Today, we chomped down on some juicy sausage biscuits for breakfast. After, we did the Morning Yell, an age-old camp tradition in which we declare our presence to the world by shouting towards the sky with all of our might. We then put on our Sunday shirts and our brightest smiles and lined up to take the Camp Photo. This black-and-white panorama commemorates the session and will hang in perpetuity in The Tuck. This picture will be on display forever, so we were sure to be looking our best. I think we were looking quite sharp, myself.

We then moved on to Chapel and sang the camp favorites “Anchor for My Soul” and “Give Me Oil.” Both are high-energy songs that really got us moving to start the day. After we heard today’s True Story from John, we dashed to our cabins for Cabin Cleanup. The race for the ever-coveted Golden Plunger was on. The stakes are high: the winner receives a pizza party and unquestioned glory. May the tidiest cabin win! Today’s contest came down to a close matchup between the Pineys, Little and Big. Big Piney narrowly edged out the victory with a 9.25! Better luck next time, Little Piney!

After Cabin Cleanup, we moved on to our morning activities. In Guitar, Mac C and Trey W shredded. Both guys are really getting good and learning to improvise and jam. Colin G got a bronze grouping in Riflery. Fisher C got a bullseye on his first shot ever in Archery! Also, Liam L and Kirk F got two bronze groupings in Archery.

For lunch, we scarfed down on an absolute camp-favorite: Tacos-in-a-Bag!! These are big bags of Fritos filled with ground beef and other toppings. They were delicious as always and we were clamoring for more. Once we had gotten our fill, we learned that the Golden Eagles had won last night’s game of Sock War. As a proud Black Bear, I was not concerned. My fellow brethren and I knew that redemption was just a few… hours…. away….. We then went on to The Best Time… REST TIME!!!

At Free Time, we scurried down to the Trading Post and enjoyed a tasty drink and snack while playing games at the beach. Hudson M dominated in gaga ball while Big Slaty, Little Slaty, Stompers Knob, and Big Piney enjoyed a sunny Free Swim. We continued the fun in our afternoon activities. Davin G earned his bronze bar bronze in diving, his first steps into developing his skills. Haran R demonstrated his skills in Guitar class by playing “Beat It” by Micheal Jackson.

Dinner was filling and much-needed. We had scrumptious pasta with red sauce along with garlic, cheddar biscuits and broccoli. Everyone at my table cleaned their plates and went for seconds… and thirds. We treated our sweet tooth with lemon bars for dessert. Once we cleaned our tables, we locked in our attention to the dinner announcements. As John said the ever-famous words: “AND NOW…,” our voices and anticipation rose until we could not contain either any longer. The Sultan of Fun flung himself through The Tuck and we all followed suit. As he came down to the floor, he declared with a booming voice that tonight’s Tribal Game was none other than Mission Impossible. The Sultan and his sunglass-clad guards explained the game and we are now bound for our cabins, ready to don our gear and take part in the next chapter in the race for THE BANNER!

Signing Off,

Thomas Williams

Senior Camp Cabin Area Director

Proud Black Bear