Happy Monday from Camp Timberlake! As a camp director, the third day of camp just might be my favorite day of all. That might sound strange, but day three is always a winner. Without a doubt there is a ton of excitement and fun that happens the first few days of camp. We like to kick things off with bang after all. But I think what I love most about camp is when guys start to really get to know each other, settle into the rhythm of life here at Timberlake, and begin to really build those friendships and skills that will extend long beyond their session here in the summer. 

Day three is the day where we typically really start to see that happen and this session was no exception. All day long I watched our guys moving with the confidence that comes from knowing their way around, and enjoy the ready smiles and easy laughs of genuine friendship. 

Our morning sustenance was delicious french toast sticks, sausage patties, a grit bar, fruit, yogurt cereal and granola. After chapel and cabin clean up, the boys jumped into morning activities. In disc golf, putting was the lesson of the day. In archery Tyler T got his first bullseye and in guitar Nick Q got his bronze. Way to go guys!

We also had several awesome trips head off property this morning for a day of adventure. First, Matthew A, Declan L, Matthew H, Jonah N and Eli F went fly fishing on the North Toe. And secondly, David C, Oliver G, Oliver M, Peter Q, Reid S, Will S, Theo T, John W, Kaito T, Cole S, Cian M and Max K got to go white water rafting on section 9 of the french broad river. Two very different types of adventure, but both trips reported having had a ton of fun!

At lunch we munched on a camp classic, tacos in a bag! I personally like to put my taco meat in first, then shredded cheese, then salsa, sour cream and lettuce. Stir four times clockwise and twice counter clockwise and voila!, the perfect taco in a bag! While most of us perfected our taco concoctions, some of the guys enjoyed the salad bar, potato soup or the fresh blueberries also available at lunch. After the meal today’s winner for cabin clean up was announced…Further In! Coming in with a score of a 9.75 out of 10 those guys really knocked it out of the park. The final announcement of the meal was made by the sultan of fun himself as Henry told us who emerged victorious in last night’s tribal game of el presidente….THE GOLDEN EAGLES!

Needless to say we were ready for some rest time and free time after that exciting lunch. Junior camp free swim was a highlight this afternoon. Brooks D conquered the blob, and Ari P even did a flip off the high dive!

In afternoon activities, EJ B and Radford W both earned their bronzes in rocketry. In riflery Rivers G shot a 1” grouping, which means all five of his bullets were within a circle with a diameter of less than 1”. For dinner we enjoyed pasta, sliced french bread, fresh veggies and a rice and bean bar, complete with guacamole, yum. We also settled once and for all the debate as to which you’d rather be, a samurai, a cowboy or a pirate (samurai of course). 

Tonight the campers got to play another epic tribal game, mission impossible! In this game, the tribes split up into small teams that rove throughout camp trying to conquer different ‘bases’ located all through the property, by completing tasks. It takes coordination, grit and strategy to come out on top in this game and we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out which tribe had what it took.

The sun is setting on a great day three here in session 3B. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for day four! 


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle

Would be Pirate

Former Sultan of fun