Timberlake’s inaugural fall father son weekend is off to a flying start! Building on what has been a great spring tradition for many years, we were thrilled to welcome dads and sons to camp for the first time in fall today. 


After checking in and spending some time exploring camp, we all gathered in the dining hall for a delicious meal of pulled pork, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, and strawberry shortcake. After dinner, the sultan of fun donned the red helmet, ran around the dining hall and announced the evening activity for tonight: Initiation and Battleball! Evening activity happens every night here at camp, and for many it is unquestionably the highlight of the day. The activity is kept a secret until the sultan makes his entrance to reveal it after dinner. The games are usually tribal and always a lot of fun. 

What’s a tribe, you ask? Well, here at Timberlake, we have two tribes, the black bears and the golden eagles and every Timberlaker is initiated into one of the tribes on their first day at camp. Once they are initiated, they are a part of that tribe for life. Tonight we welcomed a great group of new black bears and golden eagles, warriors all, faithful to their new tribe.


Our new Black Bears are: James R, Alex M, Hudson M, Brent M, Brennan D, Chuck H, Rye H, Charles H, Reid M, Brooks M, Ian M, Colt M, Mark M, Colin G, Franklin K, Haynes K, Draper A, Fred A, William D, Benjamin D, James B and Russell B


Our new Golden Eagles are: Joe P, Walter M, Robert H, Kyle S, Todd T, Carlos P, Erik Z, Steve K, Brian R, David J, Bert O, Blake R, Michael R, Drew H, James H, Robert H, Tommy W, Jeff W, Geoffrey H, Jacob H, Palmer E, Harrison E, and Woody E 


After Initiation, we all headed to the Mark (our gym) for an exciting game of Battleball. It was a hard fought game and we’ll need to wait until tomorrow at lunch to find out which tribe emerged victorious. Needless to say we were ready for some rest after the games, so we all headed back to cabins to wind down for the evening. 

As taps echos over the lake, we’re thankful for a great first day and excited to see what tomorrow holds!


Until next time,


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle