Well well well, would you look at that? I am back writing for another tropical Tuesday. We awoke at 7am for sausages and french toast at the Tuck. Will F continued our morning festivities with the morning yell. Then we transitioned into our worship section in the morning and sang songs to praise our Lord and Savior! We got to sing my personal favorite PHARAOH PHARAOH! Our true story of the day at Chapel was told by Joseph D. It was quite an interesting story about who God is. It all tied back to a story of Joey getting tricked into eating a rock by his older sister. In the story he says that rocks add some salt and flavor. I don’t think I am willing to try that one out so I will just take his word for it.


We always have the most awesome, exhilarating, and incredible trips going out everyday. Today we had 3 trips! Rushing… rushing… rivers…. We had a RAFTING trip out today. There was a fun group of campers on this trip: Gabe G, Dhilan M, McRae S, Mac S, Zade B, Ward C, Drew D, Freddie O, Bram O, Calvin W, Riggs C, and Harrison B. We had a caving trip go out with : Matthew G, Duncan N, Thomas C, Brody R, Owen T, and Louie F. I love the word to describe people who explore caves….  A spelunker. I even like the spelling.  Last but not least we had a kayaking trip with Jack V, Graham W, John David A, Giancarlo Z, and Carson K. Gliding across the river they coasted down the water.


Lunch today was tomato soup, pretzel bites and ham and cheese sandwiches. I am about to give the hottest take known to mankind. Ok so… I love things like tomato soup, ketchup, tomato sauce, and I especially love them mixed in with meals. HOWEVER… I cannot stand eating tomatoes just like. Plain. I refuse to put them in my mouth. Another possible hot take about tomato things… Tomato soup has to be the best soup at camp. There is no competition, this debate is practically settled. I have heard debates about the best soup however, nothing can compare to tomato soup.  From yesterday’s activities the black bears won junior camp and senior camp was secured by the Golden Eagles.


Timberlake archery DESTROYED MerriMac with a score of 1902 to 1561. In rocketry, campers shot off their rockets that they built. One of my favorite parts of that class is that campers can use spare parts from the bin to make a rocket to shoot off. The rockets that did shoot off went very high with working parachutes! Pottery class is in their final stage of their creations which means they are glazing their art! Guitar class was strumming away as always. For our Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday classes it was the last opportunity to earn bars! Activities like riflery were open for free time. Splish! Splash! There was a free swim for senior camp as well. Trade post is always a very popular activity for the kids during free time. Every time I am down at the beach it seems that the line for their post rest time snacks never ends!

For dinner we were served beef, rolls, and green beans. For dessert we received PEACH COBBLER! Oh so sweet! And for tonight we are playing a very special game. SOCK WAR! It rained out the first night when we were supposed to play 🙁 …. WE GET TO PLAY TODAY YAYYYYYYYYYY. When this news was announced in the dining hall every child sprang up with excitement! I am excited because many children will get to play their favorite tribal game tonight! All of this in the pursuit of the banner. The question still remains. Will the black bears or golden eagles come out on TOP. I would say it is still anyone’s game at this point. We are both pretty neck and neck!


I cannot believe that these kids leave on FRIDAY! I am excited for you guys to come and experience a bit of camp and see a closer insight on what these kiddos have been up to for the past two weeks! Signing off! Until next time. ¡Hasta Luego!


Alexandra Gayton

Black Bear


Finch’s Landing Cabin Mom

Pottery Enthusiast!!!!