IMAGE CAPTION – Whoa nelly! Camp Timberlake is fun!

What’s up fellas? Sorry it has taken me this long to put up a blog. Unacceptable I know. But

we have been running around like crazy trying to put the finishing touches on our staff and getting

some fabulous work done. We just ordered and received some new mountainbikes for the summer.

Stephen Owens and Bryan Harris (our resident bike mechanics) put them together yesterday. They are

all brand new Jamis Durangos. They are all lubed up and ready for Timberlakers to hit the trail

with them!

How is the new Canoe Dock?

Actually, it is coming together nicely after a bit of a late start. Filling up the lake was the

main concern for the construction folks, but now I think the timing is going to be about perfect. I

was a little worried that they might need to put out sand bags in order to get it finished before

the lake fills. Bobby’s work on the waterslide is uneffected by the lake filling because he is

working from the bottom to the top, and the bottom piece is about ready to install.

Seen any counselors?

Actually, one of our new trip staff guys, Paxton Little, came in town last week, and we put him

through some intense training for climbing and kayaking. It was really fun for me because I haven’t

boated in around six months, and we spent basically all day Saturday working on skills to get ready

for this summer. I forgot how much I love kayaking! It is awesome.

“Come on Eileen” is playing right now in my heart!