IMAGE CAPTION – Ludicrous speed at Timberlake!

Dan has gone out of town for a while because his sister is getting married. He left me (Stephen)

in charge of writing the blog. A lot of great things are happening to get camp ready for this

summer. Bobby has been working on the slide non-stop, and it’s really coming together. Several of

the supports are up and some of the pieces are actually put into place!

What have you been up to?

I’m glad you asked. Right now I spend about 90% of my day staring at Dan’s desk wishing he were

here and not in Mississippi. The other 10% is mostly spent getting the staff ready for this summer.

I just recently enrolled Bryan Harris in a Swiftwater Rescue class which will be very helpful for

the kayaking trips this summer.

How busy has everyone been lately, Stephen?

Let’s just say we’ve reached ludricrous speed.

How is the staff?

All the guys I’ve talked to are excited about this summer. Alex Deckard (Archery) as a part of

the UGA Ultimate Frisbee team recently qualified for Nationals, we wish their team the best. I’ll

get to see Steve Walton (Climbing), Joey Wang (Backpacking), and Adam Martin (Riflery) next weekend

at a Christian concert festival named “Cornerstone” in Orlando, FL. Most of the staff are taking

exams these next two weeks, so once they’re over the guys can fill their minds with important things

like how to efficiently raid a cabin.

Until then…

Stephen Owens (AKA- Esteban)