As Reveille blared through the camp at seven in the morning, the men of Camp Timberlake staggered out of bed and down to breakfast and encountered the common theme of this session, rain. However, today’s weather could not quench the patriotism that July 4th brings to camp every year.

The American themes of the day began with breakfast, as Timberlake chowed down on waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries. Following the customary U-S-A chants, the boys went outside for the daily morning yell, essentially serving as Black Mountain’s alarm clock on this fine day.

Next came chapel, lead by Ryan “Rusty” W., who read from the book of Ephesians and discussed how God sees all of our faults. The campers then left for daily cabin cleanup, and then went off to first period to start another great day of activities. First period air-soft with David D., Morris D., Charles P., Matthew R., and Tre W. learned military tactics from instructor Jason K. to capture a “high value target” in instructor Dan N. from the archery range. In Swimming, Jonah P. and James B. moved one step closer to their Gold Bars with a 30-minute tread. Carter B., William B., Bouldin C., Cole J., and Alden M. beat the rain by going to the Mike for toe tag during their tennis class. During second period, Seminole Chief Carter B. dominated football in Team Sports, scoring 7 touchdowns and leading his team to victory. Some say that his performance put him in the conversation for this year’s Heisman Trophy.

Timberlake then convened at the dining hall for lunch, and enjoyed one of the most beloved meals in camp, pizza. After the meal, Cabin Cleanup scores for the day were announced and Greybeard won with a 9.7, followed by Tomahawk with a 9.65, and Big Piney with a 9.6. Talk about a close finish! Then the results from the previous night’s evening activity, Battleball, were announced with the Seminoles taking the victory! Camp even went retro for a few minutes, as the sought after long sleeved tribe jerseys were brought out of retirement and given to campers.

After a glorious Rest Time and a fun-filled Free Time consisting of Trading Post and Tetherball, the boys went to their third period class. In Backpacking, William A., Matthew B., William B., Ben B., Phillip B., Kenneth C., Bouldin C., Timothy G., Cole J., and Austin T. created a map of camp using only a compass. Kayaking class got out of the rain and went to go watch instructional videos in the dining hall to stay productive. Timberlake then went to fourth period, in which Fernando D. earned his Bronze Bar in Fencing. In that same class, Jack M. scored 5 out of 15 points on instructor Drew J. to move one step closer to his silver bar. Weston H. also showed off his creative side in Pottery and made some incredible works of art.

Fourth period soon ended, and camp met for one last time at the dining hall for a delicious Burrito Casserole, complete with Fudgesicles for dessert. As dinner came to a close, Program Director Nick B. strapped on the climbing helmet, and announced tonight’s evening activity, Ninja Training! The results of tonight’s epic duel between Seminoles and Iroquois will be announced tomorrow at lunch, and every camper cannot wait to hear if their tribe won. The boys then went back to their cabins and got ready for bed. Finally, a devotion based on this morning’s chapel was given and Timberlake was quiet after an eventful day.

Happy 237th Birthday America,

Charlie R.

Big Piney Counselor

Tennis Instructor

Proud Seminole