The men of Timberlake woke up again to a sky full of dark rain clouds above but after a breakfast of French toast and Sausage and chapel the rain had stopped and the sun finally broke through. Activities that were stopped by rain the past day were finally able to continue their instruction and this long awaited sunshine brought increased happiness among campers.

In the daily activities campers had a very productive day, in Archery, Bailey M. used the Alex a 35lb bow to hit a bull’s-eye and incredible 40 yards away. Henry T. also had a great day in archery earning his bronze with a great flight from 20 yards away. Up at the mark in Wrestling Willem S. improved his wrestling skills greatly. In Fencing, the instructor Drew J. held a finger fencing tournament which is a great way to warm up for class while not using any equipment. The tournament saw camper Will P. emerging as the victor. Following the warm-up, campers Joshua B. and Weston H. had an intense fencing bout that went into sudden death. Down In tennis lead by Counselor Adrian, Clay W. learned both his backhand and forehand swings. In Soccer, the kids played the game World Cup and the duo of Gabe V. and Matthew K. were crowned victors. Classes were put on a brief break for lunch which was deli sandwiches with a side of pasta salad, during lunch it was announced that Big and Little Slaty tied for first place in cabin cleanup. Also the winner of last night’s evening activity Ninja Training was announced (drum roll please)…….Seminoles with the win!!! (GO NOLES). After lunch and rest time another Timberlake fitness class took place and Grant W. lead the team in doing pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups.

Following free time, activities resumed, with climbing seeing some of its participants making positive moves forward. Andy L. climbed the whole overhang, which was one of the requirements for in order to obtain the silver bar. Camper Blake C. also gained silver in soccer, running a mile through the hills of camp in under 6 minutes. Working on his gold in paintball, Austin T. helped out greatly by cleaning out guns with the assistance of David G. sticking with the topic of weaponry, the Belt brothers had a terrific round of shooting in riflery. In Backpacking today, Gary B. and Aiden K. lead other campers around using map and compass to navigate through camp. Down at the lake in the Kayaking class, the boys played Kayak Polo and worked on their rolls, with Nico L. gaining more confidence in his roll. In swimming, Gary B. and Braxton S. achieved their Bronze and Trey F. and Mauricio S. worked on their gold.

For dinner tonight the boys took full advantage of the Jambalaya, fried Okra, and Cornbread. Following the filling meal, the evening activities were announce, with Little Chief and Counselor Hunt being the two main events. Receiving Little Chief promotions at the rank of Scout were both Owen C. and Jack B. Braxton S. and Matthew S. were promoted to the rank of Guide, and One Ranger was given out to Henry B.

In the upper cabins receiving Tracker were: Brooks M. Collins M. Charles D. Everett B. Ford L. Gabe V. Jack M. Jesse C. Jonah P. Josh B. Mauricio S. Reed F. Thomas D. Tyler K.. Will P. and Henry T. To the rank of Hunter: Grant W. and Kenny C. were promoted. To the rank of Warrior: Ben B. and finally to Pathfinder: Bobby G. and Cole J.

Due to extensive rain on Wednesday, Timberlake’s firework show had to be postponed till tonight, which was a bright experience for all Black Mountain. The rain could not stop the sun from breaking through to remind us to not take any day for granted and live every day in zeal for God’s glory.

Counselor Daniel N.