Friends and family of Camp Timberlake,

After Director Dan’s incredible fireworks show on Spencer’s Green last night, the young men of Camp Timberlake woke up this morning ready for another day of adventure and growth. The day started off right with an extended morning yell – the boys’ vocal chords were tested to their limits as counselor and morning yell leader Rusty W. had the campers hold the yell for an epic, lung-piercing thirty seconds of pure noise. Following this exercise in vocal endurance, Counselor Justin M. gave a chapel talk from the Gospel of Matthew about the importance of building our house on God, our rock.

Meanwhile, the rain cleared up enough today for mountain biking instructors Lawson K., Joe B., and Nick Z. to take some of the Timberlake bikers on a trip out to the Kitsuma Trail in Pisgah National Forest. Blake C., William B., Wes H., and Cole J. did an excellent job riding the technical downhill of Kitsuma, navigating a somewhat muddy but exciting trail. On the water back at Lake Doris, Andy Leshaw completed his kayak offside roll today with instructor Mitch Bearden, and Nico Leshaw and Bailey Martin were asked to do the kayaking portion of the evening activity’s relay race.

Dylan S. continued to help the budding guitarists of Timberlake along in their musical journeys, and Lock R. and Jordan R. learned a new song under his guidance. Philip B. taught the instructor “Blackbird” by the Beatles in guitar as well today, and Edward B. reached a major milestone in achieving his gold bar in guitar. Finally, Logan B., who has enjoyed guitar so much that he carries his instrument around with him all day, learned how to play a favorite camp song, the “Banana Song.”

In other activities, Stan R. did a great job climbing the grotto today, practicing inverted walls. Will C., Owen C., and Jack R. got their bronze in rocketry today, and fourth period tennis played an epic, twenty-minute game of “jail,” which is a favorite of instructor Charlie R.. In team sports, Rusty W. had the boys playing ultimate Frisbee today, and James B. significantly improved his throwing and catching skills on the field. Jack M. earned his bronze in team sports and paintball as well today. Down in the Enchanted Barn, the potters of Camp Timberlake worked on designing bowls, and Matthew R. and Mauricio S. impressed instructor Ryan J. with their artistic touches on the bowl designs.

Up on Spencer’s Green Andrew L. helped Parker G., Lewis T., and Graham R. achieved their bronze in soccer after juggling the ball at least ten times, performing a proper throw-in, and making six out of ten penalty kicks with Andrew as a goalie. The backpackers also had a great day with instructor Dan N., who took the boys on a nature hike and taught them how to make a tepee fire (which for the ignorant does not involve burning tepees). Hudson S. also learned about the principles of Leave No Trace. The boys who successfully learned the fire-building skills received a sugary reward: s’mores at the end of class!

Dinner tonight was excellent – cheesy potatoes, rolls and butter, and baked chicken – a hearty prelude to tonight’s evening activity: juggernaut. Like most of our evening activities at Camp Timberlake, this one is almost too much fun to describe on paper (Microsoft Word). It involves over a dozen different activities – including mountain biking, kayaking, egg-tossing, and paintballing – all performed as timed competitions for tribal points. The boys are fired up and ready to rumble, and we leave you in suspense, as always for the outcome of the games. Stay tuned.

Counselor Lawson K.