Waking up at to the sun shining in the bright blue sky, birds chirping, and the great sound of the creek flowing next to the cabins might sound like an amazing start to a day, but what make it even more amazing was that the campers got to sleep in an extra hour! That’s right! The normal 7am horn went off at 8:00 this morning! What a treat! As kids began to make their way to breakfast another surprise awaited them. Kitchen staff prepared a breakfast than many campers claim is their favorite. We had scrumptious coffee cake, delicious bagels with an assortment of toppings, and tasty yogurt with granola. Can you say success on a plate?! Now here on Sundays, Camp Timberlake does things a little different. We don’t organize our normal activities instead we host a few traditions here on camp. We have the dam building contest, the sand castle building contest, the Masters Frisbee Golf tournament, the fishing contest, and the frog catching contest. Boom! Nothing appeals more the little men than some goodl ol’ gettin’ dirty contests!

In the dam building contest, we had some excellent dams. Four dams competed and each one held the creek back quite handsomely. The winners came from Big Slaty and were Trey F., Jack M., and Grant W., with a huge dam and a creative story to explain it! Henry M., was the only camper to catch a fish during the fishing contest! What was even more awesome was he caught it on a fly-rod with it being his first time fly-fishing ever! He had that natural cast down super fast! For the Masters frisbee golf, Jonah from Big Slaty went 1 under par and was victorious on the ground to wear the prized green Master’s jacket!

Later in the day, Camp Timberlake caught up on some evening activities, specifically Juggernaut! This is where the two tribes competed in nearly 30 categories of events and were either timed or scored, the tribe with the lowest time and highest points will win! Both tribes showed up ready to compete and honestly, the winner (which is announced at tomorrows lunch) came down to a matter of seconds! That’s amazing because some events took 10-15 minutes to complete! Lets go Timberlake!

In the evening, Vespers was held and the O-so-famous Black Mountain Oysters played at vespers with skits in-between songs. The campers were laughing and the skits and clapping their hands to the music! What a great way to slow down the day’s activities!

-Counselor Brady