What better way to start out the first day (without rain in about a week) than to go out on a soccer trip and a fly fishing trip.  Cooper D., Ben B., Will A., James B., Will S., Nick L., Will B., Bailey M., Scott R., Gabe V., Fernando D., Ford L., Grant W., Carter B., Charles D., and Griffin P. all had an excellent time getting off of camp property and enjoying indoor soccer at a professional facility.  The fly fishers which included; Devin H., Henry M., Calvin T., Mauricio S., and Santiago S., spent the majority of the day out at the beautiful Newberry Creek. The group caught an astounding 6 trout while Mauricio reeled in 3 himself.

Back on campus, a slew of activities filled the day.  Camp craft learned how to start a fire in the wilderness which is pivotal knowledge for all future backpackers and the like.  In the world of wrestling Thomas D. won Brewster Ball which is an intense game where you must stand in the center of the matts and hold a ball while opponents attempt to strip the ball and force the carrier to lose time, whoever holds the ball longest wins.  Across campus at climbing, the climbers tested their skills on the traverse wall where Jack M., excelled beautifully.

While some were off campus playing soccer, most stayed behind and played games themselves. The triple W’s: Will L., Will A., Wes H. all scored multiple goals in their games here back at camp. Simultaneously in paintball Nico L. and Austin T. achieved the highest honor of obtaining their Gold In paintball. Speaking of bars, Justin R. received his bronze in Rocketry after fulfilling all requirements and having a successful launch of his level one rocket.  Out at the lake, 2nd period canoeing learned how to deep water rescue; and Stan R. preformed a T-rescue.

Last but certainly not least, Timberlake is having their evening activity of The Great Escape.  The Seminoles continue to take control this week but every night both tribes have the chance to claim victory.

Counselor Christian