Camp Timberlake is a Christian summer camp in North Carolina catering to boys aged 6-15 and providing them with their best summers yet. Here at Camp Timberlake, we begin each morning with a brief non-denominational service in our beautiful Chapel by the lake. We like to engage our campers in their faith through fun, enthusiastic song, and a short reading from the Bible. We believe that the best summer camp experience is one in which your son can know that he is surrounded by the love of Jesus Christ in all he does here at Camp Timberlake. Our boys come to camp to have fun and our skilled counselors and wide variety of activities ensures that your boy will have the summer of his life. We believe that our mission is to do all things to the glory of God and we believe that God smiles upon Camp Timberlake for our ability to teach, inspire, and help build friendships for our campers. Our counselors are picked to serve as leaders in our Christian community and each one has a strong understanding of grace and the gospel. Give your son a summer filled with faith, fun, and personal growth at Camp Timberlake‘s Christian summer camp in North Carolina.

To learn more information about our Christian summer camp program, please visit our website, or give us a call today at: (828) 669 8766