This morning, as reveille sounded through the junior and senior camps, campers were met
with the familiarity of a cool summer morning. We indulged ourselves with a camp favorite,
chicken biscuits and hash browns. After breakfast, campers made their way outside for the
morning yell. During chapel, we heard a great true story from Joe V. on what sin is and how
Jesus is there to save us from our sin.

After a great start to the morning, campers were eager to grow in their activities. Classes went great during first and second period! Parker C. got his silver in wrestling, campers in
pottery class learned how to throw on the wheel, Aaron S., Elliot, and Carson H. all got their
silver in swimming, and Rawson B. and Ted Q. dominated in the five on five basketball game.
For lunch, we had Philly cheesesteaks with waffle fries. After lunch, all the campers anticipated
the announcement for cabin clean-up scores. Greybeard won today, the race for the golden
plunger is heating up and seems tighter than ever.

After yesterday’s all-day activities, campers were ready for rest time. At free-time,
campers participated in various activities around camp. The lake was open for free swim
which attracted campers of all ages. In paintball, campers shot on the dueling tower.
Dylan C. and Dash V. went fishing on the lake for bass, and Spencer V. climbed the
tower using only one hand. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if John M. and Archie D.
remain undefeated in spike ball. After freetime, it was back to activities. Keegan K learned how
to bunny hop in mountain biking and Sebastian O. taught campers in his canoeing class how to
T-rescue. After activities, campers headed to dinner.

Tonight is the Little Chief ceremony and a post-evening shaving cream war. Campers are
excited to be recognized for going above and beyond while here at camp during Little Chief and to have a shaving cream war with all their new friends. We cannot wait to see
what the rest of this session holds!

Thanks for reading,

Nick Watkins
Proud Iroquois
Western Carolina University