The sun rose and reveille sounded throughout camp. The first full day was upon us! Campers hopped out of bed, threw on their sweatshirts as it was a crisp 60 degrees, ready to get another summer started here at Timberlake. As we all made our way down to the dining hall, we were warmed up with a classic camp meal: Geometry breakfast!!!! The boys devoured their square hash browns and circle eggs and soon after made their way outside for the morning yell. After singing some songs and hearing a true story from John M. about who God is and how He loves us despite our mistakes, the boys went to get their cabins spick and span before the days’ activities began.

We jumped right into action with our trips and sent Quinn B., William B., Nate G., Wyatt S., Duma M., and Barrett B. to rip some lips out on a fly fishing trip today. Great success was found and everyone reeled in a few, bringing the total to over 20! What an adventure!

Everyone else back at camp had a fantastic day as well. Richard B. discovered a new found love for kayaking and learned his wet exit today! Ray S. showed some natural talent in mountain biking, quickly picking up the essential skills needed to master the art of shredding. In guitar class, the guys tried to will their favorite camp meal into existence as they wrote a song about Taco in a Bag!

Lunch could not come soon enough as the rest of camp came to the realization that our first lunch was indeed TACOS IN A BAG! The guitar class couldn’t believe the song worked. During lunch we found out the winner of the previous nights evening activity, sock war. Only five points separated the two tribes but this time it was the Iroquois who came out on top. We also got the first update in the race for the golden plunger! (The cleanest cabin throughout the session is rewarded with a pizza party and the honor of lifting the golden plunger.)

Today Little Slaty reigned victorious with an excellent score of 9.5! Once the bags were emptied and the stomachs filled, it was time for the best time! REST TIME. On the way to the cabins we held tribal meetings to elect Chiefs, Med Men and Lookouts. These boys are elected by their peers to lead their tribes. A great honor and wonderful opportunity to foster leadership here at camp! For the Seminoles…. Chief: Henry B.; Med Man: Graham R.; Lookouts: Fox S., and Henry O. For the Iroquois…. Chief: Griffin P.; Med Man: Alex E.; and Lookouts: Phillip H. and Hudson L.

After a much needed rest time, the trumpet sounded and the boys charged down to trade post! It was a party on the beach as everyone had snacks, played volleyball, fished around the lake and played four square in the air!

The afternoon rolled on and Timberlakers had a blast getting into the groove of new activities and learning new skills. We also had Carter S., Dylan G., Cooper G., Corey H., Garrett S., and Matthew J. skiing out on Lake James, taking advantage of this beautiful day! Doused in sunscreen, these boys had an epic day on the lake!

With our trips safely home and activities all wrapped up for the day, the boys dug into a delicious dinner of Spaghetti and meatballs! No plate was left unclean and the chocolate chip cookies were gone in the blink of an eye. John M. grabbed the mic, screamed “AND NOOOOW” and the crowd went wild! The Sultan of Fun, Carter B., ran around like a mad man, punched the air and yelled tonight’s game: Great Escape!!! As I write this, the men of Timberlake are roaming around camp searching for clues to the hidden skin that will win them the game and bring them one step closer to the banner! Who will win? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

And so concludes another great day here at Timberlake. Camp is back in session and there are many more epic days to come filled with stories to tell. But for now, we will rest and recharge for tomorrow’s adventures.

Signing off,

Winston Horn
Proud Seminole
Senior Camp Cabin Area Director