It was a beautiful day at Camp Timberlake today! Campers enjoyed delicious breakfast burritos, orange juice, and cereal with milk to nourish themselves for the busy day ahead. After the mighty morning yell, they all went to the chapel and enjoyed a true story from staff member, Carter B. Once the cabins were sparkling clean, the fun activities began.

Starting off our morning was a day hiking trip to Catawba Falls. Campers Ernest F., Elliot G., Reid P., Max W., Hudson L., Daniel H., and Nathan K. all enjoyed a short hike to the falls where they got a chilly, but refreshing dip in the water below the magnificent waterfall.

In our activities, campers listened to safety talks before getting a taste of what’s to come in the following days. In climbing, the class learned about the different types of hand holds and then practiced their form and movement on the boulder with the help of spotters. The amazing chefs in cooking made fettuccine alfredo, backpacking learned the seven important principles of leave no trace and our paws class, especially Lucas O. and Sullivan F., enjoyed playing with the puppies and trying to teach them how to fetch!

After a classic camp lunch of mini corndogs and macaroni and cheese, a drumroll led to the announcement of the winners of cabin cleanup. Today was a close race with the cabins of Stomper’s Knob and GreyBeard tying for second, both with scores of 9.25. But the winner was clear, with a score of 9.5, the cabin of Big Slaty was victorious over all! The final announcement of lunch was to announce the winner of last night’s evening activity of Great Escape! With cheers and noise filling the whole room with excitement, The Sultan of Fun, Carter B., exclaimed, “THE WINNER, Of GREAT ESCAPE … THE IROQUOIS!” After all the lunchtime excitement, the campers went back to their cabin to enjoy a peaceful time of rest.

Once rejuvenated to take on the rest of the day, the campers charged down to the trading post to enjoy some snacks as our fearless director, John M., held a thirteen-game winning streak during free time. Also by the trading post, the lake was open for a LOWER CABIN FREE SWIM where the campers enjoyed the blob and our new rope swing, Wahoo!

As free time ended and the next activities were beginning, the clouds released a light but steady drizzle of rain. A little rain couldn’t stop the campers of Timberlake along with Churchill C., who wowed an audience with his talent in the class of Improv. In Archery, Cooper G. and Lucas O. were working hard towards their bronze.

With the daily activities wrapped up and the skies clearing up, the boys ate a delicious dinner of boom boom chicken, rice, and spring rolls, all followed by brownies for dessert. While I write this, the boys are up at our gym, The Mark, playing an epic game of Battle Ball! Will the winner be the proud Seminoles or will it be the mighty Iroquois? Read again tomorrow to find out!


Ben Allan

Samford University, Go Bulldogs

Proud Iroquois