A rainy day could not keep us down

For the hash brown casserole was a light golden brown

The blueberry scones were pulled out of the oven

It wasn’t long til the boys started grubbin’


The morning yell was heard all around

As the boys began their day with a glorious sound

Then off to chapel to hear a true story

As Winston H. told of God’s glory


Our expedition staff grabbed kayaks and rafts

Each camper returned with memories that would last

Down the rapids on the pigeon river

But back at camp Timberlake, basketball worked on their silver


During fencing, Pace L. said “En Garde!”

While Ernest F. played with the dogs in the yard.

Just down the hill, Richard B. shot a grouping on the target

While Fox S. assembled his Seminole rocket


Activities came to a close and the bell rang for lunch

The pizza and pretzels looked too delicious not to munch

Suspense grew as results of cabin clean up were revealed

With Greybeard and Stomper’s Knob coming in with the steal.


The campers held their breath as another great victory was proclaimed

“Iroquois Won El Presidente!” John said and proudly they sang

Next the boys laid their head down for an hour of rest

Excited to see which free time activity they would enjoy the best


Rocketry, fishing, or maybe wrestling too

There were too many good choices to say no thank you.

Aidan K., Lucas O. and Wright B. crushed nine square in the air

Along with Barret C. and Wade C. without them the team wouldn’t compare


Luke H. and Neil R. dominated their basketball scrimmage

Their well-earned victory was a beautiful image.

Grant G. and Logan S. worked hard to earn a bronze in guitar,

We didn’t realize these boys could strum like a star


The day came to an end with meatballs and rice

Yippees were yelled for the dessert was oreo surprise

Finally, the boys rushed off to play Search and Destroy

Tune in to tomorrow for another a day filled with joy



Yours Truly,


The TimberWomen

Catherine, Becca , and Molly



Rafting Trip on the Pigeon River: Wyatt S., Garrett S., Tate L., Wick K., Dawson G., Dylan G., Brent S., Daniel B., Raymond S., HP, Harrison C., and Leyton H.


Kayaking on The Nantahala: Henry B., Graham R., Eli C., Hugh S., Thomas H.,  and Jake H.