Another great day at Timberlake started just the way we like it by hitting the snooze button. After an incredible fourth of July fireworks show last night the campers got to sleep in for an extra half hour before making their way down to breakfast. Hashbrown casserole and blueberry scones were served up at each table and devoured within minutes.

Our camp director John M. Led us in a SILENT morning yell that couldn’t be heard around camp but we could feel it our bones. Heading up to chapel, the campers sang some of their favorite songs and heard a message from one of our senior staff Winston H. He answered the question of “who is God” by explaining that we are covered in sin and only our Lord can help us clean up the mess by his grace.

After a quick cabin clean-up, the campers began their morning activities with clear skies and the sun shining. It was perfect weather for James S. and Logan M. to work on their silver bar in climbing while Connor G. and Davis M. worked on their gold.

The lunch bells rang and we sat down for a meal of chicken patty sandwiches, never a disappointment. After rest hour a quick snack from trading post, our senior campers headed to the lake for a free swim and a chance to conquer the canoe bridge.

Our day ended with a dinner of chicken alfredo and Rice Krispy treats. After dinner the boys headed to one of the more special nights for Timberlake. Once a week, Timberlake silently and respectfully marches to the counsel ring with their tribe for Little Chief. This is a ceremony that we have the chance to recognize all of campers hard work, special gifts, and leadership as they grow through the their time here at Camp Timberlake. The Little Chief commendations for each cabin are as follows:



Camper: Nikola G. Counselor: William C.

Finch’s Landing

Camper: Emerson F., David B., Matthew S. Counselor: Emerson F., Jacob H., Charlie A.

Further Up

Camper: Hutton S., Bailey F. Counselor: Gary M., Kenan A.

Further In

Camper: Hugh Miachel H., Pierce H. Counselor:Rich J., Chance S.

Little Piney

Camper: Evan B., Jack V., Turner T. Counselor: EvanB., Jack W., Robert S.

Big Piney

Camper: Grant R., Owen C. Counselor: Charlie V., Andrew R.

Stomper’s Knob

Camper: Dylan D., Will M.

Counselor: Ean M., Nicholson B.

Little Slaty

Camper: Oren S., Andrew F. Counselor: Lance H., Lucas R.

Big Slaty

Camper: Charles P. Counselor: Gavin B.


Camper: Conner G. Counselor: Cole L.


Rocketry Bronze: Julian A.


Bronze: Matthew R., Andy M., Logan R. Gold: Davis M.


Bronze: Alexander E., David F.


Bronze: Chance S., Tripp C.


Bronze: Evan B., Ben G., Nick G.

Field Sports

Bronze: Hugh Michael H., Lance H., Davis M., Matthew R., Lucas R., Conner G., Andy M., Quentin S.,

Silver: Davis M., Quentin S.


Scout (white): Tripp C., Jeb J., Sam O.

Guide (gold): Alexander E., Emerson F., Bailey F., Hugh Michael H., Rich J., Matthew S.

Pioneer (orange): Gary M.

Tracker (green): John B, Gavin B, Parker C. ,Wait M., Logan R., Aubrey S., Nolan S., Charles V.

Hunter (blue): Andrew F., Lance H., Mason J., Nikheil P., Andrew R., Adam V., Seth W.

Warrior (red): Benjamin C., Connor G., Davis M.

Signing off,

Catherine McCoy

Waterfront Director

Auburn University