Today started like any other day at Camp Timberlake. Reveille went off at 7:00 am and the campers had a hard breakfast at 7:30 am of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. James S., Spencer M., Andrew F., and Max C. went on a kayaking trip and Logan O., Nick G., Will M., Nicholson B., Reed S., and Ben C., went mountain biking. Also, the cabin of Huckleberry went on a hike to Catawba Falls. The rest of camp was led by Daniel M. and John H. in a tandem morning yell leading into a chapel filled with the campers favorite songs. After a great message from Further Up counselor Henry M., the day began to take a sudden turn. All of a sudden the Sultan of Fun was introduced with the iconic “AND NOW…” to announce Tribalpalooza! For those that have never heard about this before, Tribalpalooza is a day completely filled with tribal games. Everyone went crazy and after a quick cabin clean up we began one of the most fun days of camp.

All campers headed up to the mark where the tributes were announced for the “5th Annual Timberlake Hunger Games”. Junior Campers went on to play a classic game of Sock War where Shade J. stole the flag once and George S. stole the flag three time for their respective tribes! Meanwhile, senior camper were running around trying to win sponsorships for their tributes at different activities all over camp. Graham C. did especially well to win his tribute three sponsorships. Right before lunch, the tributes began the Hunger Games, while they battled it out around camp, everyone else went to eat jambalaya for lunch. It was announced that the Iroquois were the winners of last nights tribal game!

After rest time and free time ( and a brief truce called between tributes due to inclement weather), the remaining five tributes returned to the beach. With nothing but a shield and a sock, Will L. emerged victorious in the Hunger Games. Campers then met at the Outback where they played a very competitive game of Search and Destroy. Will L. continued to perform well for his tribe by accumulating necessary points and quickly winning the first round for the Seminoles! At dinner, the boys enjoyed Hawaiian meatballs and a delicious dessert of Oreo surprise. At the end of dinner, there was an impromptu eating contest where counselors Matthew J. beat Ford L. in devouring half a platter of Oreo surprise first.

The day ended with a final “AND NOW…”, as the Sultan of Fun announced the camp favorite game of Commando. Once again the campers cheered in excitement and met at Spencer’s Green for the world’s greatest water balloon fight.


Yours Truly,


Harrison Horn

Big Piney Counselor

Mississippi State University