Today marked the last day of the first week of 3A here at Timberlake. The boys woke up and came down to a hearty breakfast of French toast, sausage, and yogurt. After breakfast, they participated in the morning yell to wake up fully, then headed to chapel. After chapel, they headed to cabin clean-up and went on with the rest of the day. 

We had two trips go out today, a mountain biking trip to Kitsuma and a Canoe trip to Lake James. Kitsuma is a well-known trail around the Asheville area and the most advanced trail we take our kids to here at camp. Richard B, William B, Ben A, and Oliver G were brave enough to take on the challenge. The boys crushed it and even navigated through a lot of traffic on the trail due to an ongoing cross-country bike race that was also using the trail today. Walker F, Luke Q, Andrew S, Kellan P, Sam H, John H, Finley R, Will R, and Grant S departed on a canoe adventure to Lake James. They found a fantastic rock jump into the water and a rope swing that made the day one to remember. Back here at Camp, the boys were busy having fun in their activities. At the mark, Alturo B received his bronze in fitness, finishing the circuit with five pull-ups. Just inside, Landon K got his bronze in wrestling, James D received his bronze in basketball, and Hayes C earned his silver in basketball. Down at the ranges, Richard B and Mathew A earned their gold in archery! Henry O and Wes D shot well, earning groupings for their bronze bar in archery. At the lake, canoeing learned how to do a T-rescue, and fishing made the best of the rain by playing beach volleyball.

For lunch, the boys ate one of the camp’s favorite meals of stromboli, fresh fruit, and the best soup here, chicken tortilla. After we ate until everyone was full, they headed to rest time and were back at it during free time. During free time, kayaking held a roll clinic where Wilson F, Mathew D, and Santiago M worked on their roll. In afternoon activities, Bay J earned his gold in Tennis after much hard work. Thomas R flipped his way to a bronze in diving class. Up at the fencing pavilion Christian H, Beau I, and Wes W earned their bronze in fencing. 

We then had some great Hawaiian meatballs, cornbread, and salad for dinner. The Sultan of Fun, Henry B, then ran around an erupting dining hall to reveal the evening activity tonight yelling “AGE OF EMPIRES.” This is an awesome game as groups of two or three staff members get to create their own empire and compete to see who comes up with the best and most creative nation for the two tribes to battle for control of. Rounding out the night, we will have our final fireworks show of the summer!

Until next time,

David Reeder

Proud Black Bear

Stomper’s Knob Counselor