As we hit the weekend here on this beautiful sunny Friday at Camp Timberlake, waking up with the smell of coffee cake and the nutritious eggs and sausage was a great way to kick the day off. After breakfast we had the morning chicken dance that consisted of some fun and antics led by John Menendez. Then we went to chapel and cabin cleanup.

Soon after we started heading to our activities as it was time to continue to chase for bars and achievements. We started at the ranges where Matthew A. got 4 gold groupings at 50 yards. Just across the way at riflery, Joseph B. grabbed his bronze. Up at the mark and fencing pavilion, Steven G. grabbed a huge take down for his silver in wrestling. Graham W. picked up his gold in basketball. Tyler S. and Billy Luke I. hit a point for their bronze in fencing! Walking outside of the mark we had another major accomplishment in fitness with Graham W. completing half of the murph challenge in 25 minutes. Down at the lake Santiago M. completed an amazing side by side rescue from a fellow flipped kayaker. That was even the only exciting news as later Carter W. and Grant S. continued to work on bracing which is a crucial part in kayaking for trips. 

After all these achievements and excitement came an amazing lunch that consisted of a yummy pulled pork with barbeque sauce and rolls that made the day even sweeter. The announcements started, so did the anticipation for the golden plunger and a second perfect 10 in a row by Little Slaty!! When the cheering had ceased, we listened closely to figure out Who won Search and Destroy? The winner was decided, and it was…. The Golden Eagles singing their fight song for the 1st time this session. Rest time started to commence but the day was just getting started for 6 campers Declan Q., Hays S., Carter W., Graham W., Davis O., and Cole N., who all got to embark on the first ever disc golf trip to Veterans Park! 

Later, a amazing dinner that consisted of chicken alfredo, garlic bread and steamed vegetables made the day even better. For this was not the only great dinner meal as over at the neighborhood table, cheese tater tots began to fill the campers up on top of the delicious meal and a yummy cherry strudel dessert. When the cleanup was complete, everyone got to welcome back the 6 more campers back, Grady R., Richard B., William B., Ben A., Bay J., and Oliver G, who returned from an amazing day at Ship rock on the route edge at a dream and an adventure to rocky knob the day before. Soon after, the sultan of fun announced that tonight was the night of Little Chief!! 

Little Chief is an important ceremony where we congratulate all the campers on their hard work. This includes, bars in daily activities , commendations in cabin life and the chances to climb the ranks to the ultimate promotion of Little Chief. Tonight our cabin commendations went to:


Huckleberry: Blake F, Smith B, Patrick H

Finch’s Landing Wes W, Allen B, Sam N, Marshall S

Further Up: Charles C, Brooks B, Walker F, Finley R

Further In: Tyler S, Tripp C, Will B, Hagan S

Hawksbill: William C, Rocco M, John H, Luca V

Turtleback: Ryan R, Cameron L, Knox W, Thomas L

Little Piney: Lawson H, Drew F, Jack T, Boone R, Briggs L, Charlie S

Big Piney: Cole R, Hays C, Reid S, David C, Landon K, Wilson F

Stomper’s Knob: Richard R, Claude C, Connor C, Jack S, Theo T, Fisher H

Little Slaty: David E, Radford W, Oliver G, Matthew A

Big Slaty: EJ B, Declan Q, Thomas M, Quinn S

Greybeard: Will S, Joey B, Oliver M


Our promotions towards Little Chief went to:


Scout: Bryson A, Smith B, Jack C, Milo C, Blake F, Greyson H, Charlie H, Rocco M, Sam N, William R, Arav S, John S, Tyler S, Reid S, Luca V and Knox W

Guide: James dL, Walker F

Tracker: Mac D, Lawson H, Elijah H, Charlie H, Noah LY, Zach M, Davis M, and Henry P

Hunter: David E, Freddy V and Radford W

Warrior: Joey B, Declan Q, Theo T

Pathfinder: Bay J, Thomas M and Will S


After the ceremony we played a classic tribal game: counselor hunt! Each counselor hides somewhere in camp and the campers search high and low to track them down and win points for their tribe. So, as the sun sets on this beautiful camp and the race is for the banner and the golden plunger continues, we get ready to sleep and for a gorgeous day tomorrow here we await another amazing day of activities and excitement for who won COUNSELOR HUNT!!!!


See You Next Time,

Tyler Rowe

Turtleback Counselor

Tennis Instructor 

Proud Golden Eagle