The second day of camp started off with the best breakfast Camp Timberlake, or the world, has to offer: geometry breakfast. We ate sausage, eggs, and hash browns that were all different shapes. After breakfast Mark L. And I led campers in the morning yell. At chapel we listened to The Banana Song, Anchor for Our Soul, and Star of the Morning. Then we listened to a hilarious true story from Josh D. about the time he got gum stuck in his eyebrows and he had to go to a family picnic with peanut butter on his face.

From there, the campers went to their cabins to clean. All the cabins did a good job, for they all earned two pieces of trading post. Huckleberry, the youngest cabin, won the day though with a perfect ten! The campers then scurried to their new Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday activities.

Today marks the second of two days at camp we like to call “safety talk days.” When the campers go to a class for the first time, they will learn all of the rules that keep you safe in the activity. They also get to know their fellow campers in each activity and get to experience the activity for the first time. Even though it was a safety talk day, bars were being earned and campers were having fun.

Trey A. earned his bronze in guitar. Oliver M. learned his wet exit in kayaking. The puppies in PAWS went for a long walk, a swim in the lake, and were given baths. Wrestling worked on stances and sprawls. Then they played toe tag and tiger tails. Charlie J. got a bronze in rifler. James S. got 3 groupings in archery. Cooking made snickerdoodles.

After the first set of activities, everyone headed to lunch for the classic Tuesday meal, taco in a bag. This is where we take individual Frito bags and fill them with meat, cheese, tomatoes, or whatever your heart desires. After eating, we were visited by Mr. Hydration, who begged John M. for a day off. Everyone at camp was on the same page when we shouted HYDRATION NEVER TAKES A VACATION! Maybe he’ll get a day off next week, (probably not.)

After leaving the Tuck, the tribes separated to vote on their tribal leaders. For the Seminoles, the Chief is Rawsan B., the Medicine Man is Enrique D., and the Lookouts are Benjamin C. and Charlie H.

For the Iroquois, the Chief is Chase S., the Medicine Man is Jack G., and the lookouts are Davis O. and Elliot P. We then went to rest time followed by free time. At free time campers had the opportunity to go tree climbing with Mark L. Campers Shailen Z., Smith L., and Cole R. took full advantage of the opportunity to explore camp from new heights. We then went to our third and fourth period classes, where we continued with safety talk day. At dinner we ate pasta with meat sauce and had ice cream sandwiches for dessert. The Sultan of Fun, Carter B., then announced that evening activity: Search and Destroy. This is a complicated game that involves tennis balls, footballs, trash cans, mail carts, and hiding counselors. They are playing the game right now and we will find out who wins tomorrow at lunch. Stay tuned!

Joe Virgin

Proud Seminole

Little Chief

Huckleberry Counselor