Happy Monday! Today was a super fun, action-packed, first full day of camp! The day began with everyone waking up to the sound of the bugle blasting reveille at 7:00 am. Everyone then proceeded to the Tuck, where we ate pancakes and sausages for breakfast. After breakfast, the entire camp gathered outside of the Tuck to have the first Morning Yell of the session. We yelled so loud that it shook the ground around us almost like an earthquake!!!

After our fearsome yell, everyone sprinted up to the chapel. During chapel, we sang some of our favorite songs such as “Pharaoh Pharaoh”, “In His Name”, and “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”. We then ended chapel with the Camp Hymn and a true story from our very own Camp Director, John Menendez. After the true story, all of the campers jogged back to their cabins to start Session 3A’s annual cabin clean-up competition.

Campers Matthew A., Walker B., Harrison D., James W., Wilde G., William V., Hudson S., Grant S., Davis P., Thomas M., William I., and Shailen Z. hit the river today and rafted down the crazy rapids of the Pigeon River! The entire cabin of Big Slaty, which includes Ethan C., Gresham C., Baran D., Daniel F., Evan F., Spencer L., Charles O., Chancellor R., James S., and Lucas Z., went on a cabin hike to Babel Tower in Linville Gorge. Everyone did the jumps and loved exploring the area. Then Dash V., Charlie W., Charlie J., Thomas D., Carter H., and Oliver M. went to the river and fly fished, catching some awesome trout. Also, Teddy O., Enrique D., and Mason B. went and tore up some trails on an awesome mountain biking trip!

After cabin clean-up, everybody went to their first and second activity. Because this was the first day many of the guys got to try their activities for the first time and everyone did extremely well. In particular, backpacking got to try tree climbing for the first time! They learned how to ascend a tree using a harness, a rope, and a multitude of knots. Field sports played an 8v8 flag football game, where Charlie H. scored two touchdowns. Cooking class made snickerdoodle cookies. Swimming class went over the proper technique for freestyle and backstroke as well as had a free swim afterwards. In archery, Max S. got a grouping as well as Charlie H., who got five groupings. 

After our activities, we headed back to the Tuck for lunch. At lunch, we ate Monte Cristo sandwiches and French fries. During lunch, we found out that Big Slaty had won the first cabin clean-up of the session with a score of a 9.5. We also found out that the Iroquois had won Sock War!

After lunch, everyone went to the best time, rest time!!! Then at free time, everyone rushed down to the trading post and ate some delicious snacks. Today at free time tree climbing was open and every camper had the option to go try it for the first time. It was pretty awesome! With the conclusion of free time came the beginning of third period. During third period today, both archery and climbing took their classes to tree climbing. Next came fourth period, which was cut a little short because we had to take the camp photo. So, when fourth period ended, everyone sprinted down to the front of the Tuck and the entire camp sat on benches and took the camp photo.

After the photo, we all ran into the Tuck and ate Salisbury steak as well as mac & cheese for dinner. After dinner, we played a tough game of Great Escape. Stay tuned because the winner will be announced tomorrow at lunch! Finally, to end our day, the bugle played taps promptly at 9:00 pm for junior camp and 10:00 pm for senior camp. 




Brian Showalter

Archery Instructor

Proud Iroquois