Today was another beautiful day at Camp Timberlake. In Junior Camp, this amazing day started off with a camp favorite: Geometry Breakfast. Geometry Breakfast includes a whole variety of foods and shapes. These include circle eggs, square biscuits, oval sausage patties, and square cheese. In Senior Camp, the day was started off with some cleaning of the cabins in an attempt to win The Golden Plunger, which is awarded to the cleanest cabin throughout the session, along with a pizza party. Right after breakfast for the Junior Camp, a buffs-up socially distant yell was given to the entire camp from one of our great counselors, Daniel Milligan.

Shortly after the yell was concluded, the Junior campers went straight to cleaning the cabins, and the Senior Camp went to enjoy Geometry Breakfast. After Junior Camp cleaned their cabins, and Senior Camp enjoyed their breakfast, the entire camp went to chapel. The Music in chapel was lead by Bennett Kessler along with Archie Deez and Harrison Horn. They played three songs and it was time for the true story. Today’s true story was given by one of our Big Piney counselor’s Tommy Schweitzer.  He told us that when he was younger he got distracted while riding a bike and ran straight into a Ford pick-up truck. He related this to the message that God is our rock and savior and that we should keep our eyes and hearts on him.

Immediately after chapel, all campers headed to their first and second activities where they learned new skills in one of many fun and diverse activities. After their first two activities, Junior camp went to go have lunch while the Senior Camp went and had free time. Lunch today was another camp classic, which were boneless wings with french fries. After the Junior Camp finished lunch they headed to rest time while the Senior Camp went to eat the delicious boneless wings and french fries. After Junior camp was finished with rest time, they were given candy from the trading post. At the same time, Senior Camp was headed to their own rest time.

After Junior Camp was done with their trading post, the Golden Eagles of Junior Camp had a free swim where they could all enjoy the lake. Once free-time was done for Junior Camp, they went to their third and fourth activities. From their Senior Camp finished rest time and scarfed down some of that delicious candy and went on to free time. After free time, all of Senior Camp went to their third and fourth activities as well. Once Junior camp was done with their activities, they went to dinner where they had yet another amazingly cooked meal. Today’s dinner was pork chops with a potatoes-and-cheese casserole, and for dessert, we had warm brownies covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Junior camp finished their meal and the evening activity for tonight was announced to be Little Chief and Counselor Hunt. Senior camp then went to dinner where they had the same meal and evening activity announced. Little chief is a ceremony that recognizes the outstanding achievements of our campers with what they have achieved in their activities, and it also recognizes the leadership in which they show. After Little Chief, the entire camp went on to play counselor hunt. This is a fun and exciting game where the counselors hide all around camp and the campers try to find them, whichever tribe finds the most counselors wins.

Once the counselors are found they are thrown into the lake with the entire camp watching. Once counselor hunt was over, Junior Camp went back to the cabins to get showered and ready for bed. However, Senior Camp went on to do one of the many post evening activities, such as cooking smores or putting the puppies to bed. After their post evening activities, Senior camp went and showered up and got ready for bed. Then yet another fantastic day at Camp Timberlake came to an end.