Woke up to yet another amazing day at Camp Timberlake. The bugle goes off as camper can’t wait to get up and start their day! For breakfast, we had french toast and sausage, (which is one of the best breakfasts by the way) After a full and satisfying meal campers go down to the morning yell. Where Ben Rader and campers scream to the heavens as widows shake from the vibration of the screams. An awesome chapel by counselor Connor Aycock where he mentions that man is loved by God. The campers then start their activities.

We had two amazing trips today with Rock Climbing to Linville Devils Cellar, this trip included: Nicholson B., Will E., Reid S., John B., Parker H., Jack D., and Brayden C.,

Finch’s Landing had an amazing day hike that included: Lucas B., Carson B., Dom C., George D., Jackson G., Christian M., Kolson M., Blake P., Ian P., Sheppord S., and Barnes Z.

In our activities Field Sports played ultimate frisbee, mountain biking got to ride the pump track, and our beautiful SpyGlass trail and paintball and airsoft had epic tournaments!

After morning activities campers and counselors are hungry and today’s lunch was a perfect solution. Burgers and fries were the perfect treats for a sunny day at Camp Timberlake. After eating we find out about who won cabin cleanup and last night’s evening activities. With cabin cleanup, Further In won the lower camp and Greybeard won the upper camp. As for the evening activities, Iroquois swept the games with winning chicken wars, el Presidente, and battle ball. Go Iroquois! Iroquois has their chant and hymn that they sing and then everyone heads up to the best time… REST TIME!

After a good nap, reading a book or writing to home campers were delivered the trading post candy to their cabin. For free time the blue herons in Upper Cabin had a free swim and other cabins got to go to the mark to play basketball soccer or even a game of signs. The campers jump right back into their afternoon activities while the beautiful sunny day continues to shine without a cloud in the sky.

After the activities campers come down to the tuck and wash their hands. For dinner campers enjoyed lasagna, garlic bread, and vegetables. At the neighborhood tables, we had a delicious mix of rice and beans. And to finish it all off we had the BEST sugar cookies you could ever have while being finished with a carton of milk. Don’t forget to keep checking the daily blog to see all the exciting things happening at camp!
Tommy Schweitzer,

Mountain Biking and Big Piney counselor