What an exciting day at Camp Timberlake! It was a beautiful morning as campers woke up to the sound of reveille, eager to start the day. For breakfast, we enjoyed some delicious breakfast casserole with sweet coffee cake. After breakfast, we enjoyed an exciting true story from counselor, Hank B., in chapel, and then off to activities.

First was a day hike with Paul R., Nick R., Mac P., Wade C., Parker D., Nicholson B., John B., and Reid S., where they enjoyed a refreshing swim at Babel Tower after their hike. In Climbing, we learned the essential first step of climbing, how to tie a figure-eight followthrough! Meanwhile, Mountain Biking also learned the important action of ready position and how to break!

After our morning activities, was lunch where we enjoyed a camp favorite, Taco in a Bag and pineapple! Continuing with the lunch excitement we enjoyed a visit from Action Jackson and Vertical Jones. Afterward, we had many exciting announcements from John. For junior camp, Further In won cabin cleanup and the Seminoles won battle ball the previous evening! For senior camp, Greybeard won cabin cleanup, the Seminoles won soccer, and Iroquois won basketball!

After a much-needed rest time, the afternoon was full of activity. The cabins of Further In, Hawksbill, and Turtleback had a free swim. Meanwhile, Benjamin G., Wyatt C., Neil R., Wells F., and Ford B., shredded the gnar on a Mountain Biking trip around camp! Throughout camp, we fenced, played soccer, perfected our marksmanship, and caught plenty of fish on the lake.

At dinner, we had yummy chicken, potatoes, rolls, veggies, and to top of our day of culinary favorites, S’more pockets! The evening activities were announced with a roar of excitement, junior camp El Presidente, and senior camp Battle Ball! Don’t miss tomorrow to find out who wins.

Ben Allan (Ballan)

Climbing instructor and proud Iroquois