Saturday!!!! What a great start to the weekend at Timberlake starting it off right with a fantastic pancake breakfast! After breakfast, the campers began the “wake up” of the day to a morning yell lead by Logan Brown. The yell leads us to a wonderful chapel service with a message from Catherine Menendez. She taught us about how God calls us by name. No matter how lost we are or feel, God is there with us!
Today had some exciting trips: a canoe trip, and a rafting trip.
The canoe trip was special as the campers got to take out the Voyageur canoe which is Timberlake’s largest canoe! The Trip included: Tristan W., Cullen L., Henry V., Patrick B., Julius O., Grant S., Chance S., and William B.!
The rafting trip included: Walker C., William V., Alex B., TJ E., Cam M., Hayes M., Cole N., Miles N., Henry P., and George S.!
During our daily activities, campers at Field Sports played Ultimate Frisbee and soccer! Climbing played “addon,” and a counselor demonstrated the proper technique on movement and how to use holds! Basket Ball worked on free throws and layups!
At lunch, everyone enjoyed a classic ham and cheese sandwich with a fantastic chicken and rice soup! Cabin clean up scores have been down to the wire for senior camp this whole session, with Little Slatly taking the win for Today! With last night’s evening activities, the Seminoles took both wins pushing us one day closer to the coveted banner!
After a great nap, the campers had a wonderful rain that cooled the day down for a dinner of fajitas and chocolate cake, by far one of the camp’s favorite meals! The campers then headed to one of the most exciting evening games, with Junior Camp playing Battle Ball and Senior camp raiding the beach for Pirate Ball!
After the games, campers have some cabin time and prepare for bed! Onto another great day at Camp Timberlake!
Ean Swink
Climbing Instructor and Little Slaty Counselor!