It was a bright and clear morning as reveille echoed across Timberlake. Junior camp hopped out of bed and went off to breakfast while senior camp made their cabins sparkling clean. After the roles were reversed, everyone’s tummies full, and cabins clean, we all went to the chapel to hear a comedic true story by counselor Seth Brahney.

The morning was heating up as campers went to classes like basketball, climbing, archery, and fishing. In mountain biking, campers crushed the crooked mile, (the most challenging trail)! In Swimming, James S. and Jackson N. earned their silver bar while Teddy O. earned his gold bar.

Lunch brings an exciting plethora of announcements including cabin clean up scores, evening activity winners, and a skit by the heroes of the maintenance team. “And the winners of cabin cleanup, with a 9.5,…. BIG SLATY!” The cheers erupt as the announcement from John means that the race for the golden plunger is still close. “And the winners of El Presidenté AND Tribal Soccer,… THE IROQUOIS!” After the victorious tribal chants subside, we witness the heroic “Maintenance Men” fight off their arch-enemy, “The Litter Bug.” With lunch over, we all take a moment of time to rest and energize for the rest of this full day.

The pitter-patter of rain on the ground means that free time is spent hanging out with friends in the cabins and playing games. Before long, the sky is clear and campers are off to more activities. Kayaking and canoeing had an epic game of water polo while airsoft played exciting games of woods ball. Grady R. and Patrick B. earned their bronze in canoeing; David R. earned his bronze in paintball; lastly, David R. and Sebastian P. earned both their silvers in climbing.

Dinner roles around where we feast on chicken alfredo followed by the best dessert hands down, s’more pockets! For the evening activities, junior camp is having a cabin night where they hang out with their cabin for a free swim, giant slip n slide, or roast marshmallows. Senior camp is playing a competitive game of Bandits Rancheros; keep reading tomorrow to find out who wins!

Ben Allan (Ballan)

Climbing instructor and proud Iroquois!