Summer 2020 is one we will remember forever. While so many details changed at camp, our mission and our focus stayed the same. We got to experience the gospel through friends and adventure – and we really needed it! 

We successfully ran two healthy camps, for six weeks, during a global pandemic. It has taken a little while for that to sink in for all of us. In the months leading up to camp, there were tons of decisions made, emails sent (and resent), phone calls made and sleepless nights. We are thankful to the camp community for continuously sharing ideas through the off-season and to the parents who stayed with us during it all. 

We ran 127 wilderness trips and 6 backcountry expeditions between Merri-Mac and Timberlake. These campers got to experience being outside with friends, both new and old, when they needed it the most. Who thought a waterfall hike could be so powerful?

One of the biggest themes I noticed this summer was how happy everyone was to be with each other. It didn’t matter that they had wear a buff a majority of the time or be more socially distanced, they were just happy to be here. I really hope the joy each camper found in camp this summer is continuing to help them succeed in life outside of camp. 

We are gearing up for Summer 2021 and we can’t wait to experience growth through friendship and adventure with even more of you! 

Happy Camping, 

Andrea Pelham

Assistant Director