The countdown begins! 100 days till camp. We are so excited for what this summer will bring for our campers and staff. So many things are gearing up for what I think will be the best summer yet of growth through friends and adventure. The office is keeping busy prepping, meeting, and brainstorming in anticipation for staff and campers to arrive. What makes it all a little better is the warm weather we’ve been having this week – 65 degrees and sunny! If that doesn’t make someone excited for summer, I don’t know what does! 


For me, this is my first time experiencing the lead up to the summer as a year round staff member. Before, I was on the other end of emails and updates as a cabin counselor. So in a way I get to feel the excitement ahead of time which so far, I’m loving. One of our core values at camp is paying attention to detail. Without a doubt it is something we are doing every single day as we prepare for this summer. Whether it’s deciding the layout of the dining hall or choosing the right name for an activity, we care a lot about details. So with 100 days till our first opening day, we still have many details to pay attention to but we get to do it knowing camp is arriving soon and all that hard work caring for details will be worth it. And it’s because of you guys, our camp family, we get to continue living out these values and focus on our mission of growth through friends and adventure summer after summer. 


Great Camping!