It’s Wednesday, my dudes! As per usual, 7 a.m. marked the start of another amazing day here at camp as everyone arose to chase the delicious smell of confetti pancakes and bacon in the Tuck. After a powerful morning yell, everyone headed to Chapel to sing songs and hear senior cabinetry director Charlie talk about what faith is. Then the boys took off to continue their chase for THE GOLDEN PLUNGER. (and the pizza party) 

While everyone else was busy having fun at morning activities, a select group of guys got the chance to explore the beautiful North Carolina mountains on some trips. Evan HHudson SPayton SAndres DLance KJackson G, and Christian S. got to flex their inner mountain man on a gnarly climbing trip! Benjamin ATristan WFord BDaniel AWilliam VJohn R, and William S. all hit the water for some awesome Fly Fishing! Last but certainly not least, Elliott SAlexander WGraham W, Declan QAubrey S, and Chance S. all got to embark on an overnight backpacking trip that is sure to bring lasting memories that will stretch far beyond their time at camp!

Back at camp, morning activities were off to the races! The air at camp today was HOT, but that didn’t stop David C. from nailing his roll in Kayaking! The heat also didn’t faze Davis OJoseph CDavid CGriffin W, or Bobby D. as they all achieved their bronzes in Kayaking as well! After activities, the boys headed back to The Tuck to chow down on some delicious cheese quesadillas and Spanish rice! Everyone was also greeted by the infamous Hydration who was begging John for some time off so he could go bowling with his other H20 friends. As usual, John (and the camp as well), refused his request because: “Hydration NEVER takes a vacation!” Then everyone happily headed back to the cabins for the best time (rest time). Post rest time everyone rushed into free time to beat the heat with some cool Trade-PO drinks and a free swim for junior camp! Today’s free swim was filled with fun, acrobatic tricks, and incredible blobbing from all who joined.

The bugle sounded once again to start the afternoon activities, and while the sun was hot, Richard B. was on fire as he completed his final requirement to earn his GOLD bar in Disc Golf. Andres D. and Gavin W. were also dropping dimes in Field Sports to earn their gold bars as well. These guys all just took a huge step toward achieving … LITTLE CHIEF! Over at the tennis courts, Spencer VCharlie WThomas M, and Cole S. were all giving counselor Leo a serious run for his money as they all successfully beat him for their silver bars! After activities, all the hungry campers rushed back down to The Tuck for their last meal of the day. Everyone TUCKED into (get it) some tender pulled pork sandwiches with cookie ice cream sandwiches for dessert! Tonight’s evening activities (yes activities) brought some incredible variety across camp as the Mountain Neighborhood played basketball, the Forest Neighborhood played Ultimate Frisbee, and the River Neighborhood played an epic game of Kickball. The split in neighborhood groups opened the door for campers to shine in leadership and athleticism in front of their peers to bring triumph for their tribes! Tonight, everyone will be preparing for a bitter-sweet conclusion to their camp experience this summer with incredible hopes for the last full day of camp that is still ahead!

Signing off,

Josh Krispin

Further Up Counselor

Proud Golden Eagle