It was a beautiful chilly morning here at Camp Timberlake, and as the second day of activities in session 3B starts, the campers wake up ready to tackle the day ahead of them. As we roll down to breakfast for a delicious meal of French Toast, scrambled eggs, savory bacon, and grits, the boys and all their counselors feast to prepare themselves for the full day ahead of them. Starting today strong, in only his second airsoft class since the session started Luca V. worked ¾ of his way to get his silver, great job Luca, keep up the great work! Not too far away at the Archery Range Matthew A. got to do something not too many people can say they’ve done, and that was shooting a compound bow. Different from the usual recurve bows we shoot here at camp every day. Shooting a compound bow is a feat that isn’t taken lightly here so way to go Matthew!

Just around the corner at The Outback where our three astonishing Golden Doodle puppies, Ollie, Charlie, and Sadie live, David C. made sure that they had a friend to play with today. Not only do our kids love these three lovable and rambunctious creatures, but our pups love the constant attention and exercise that our kids can provide for them. Thank you, David, for helping our pups have fun and stay healthy! Across the field sits our impressive Backpacking Hut, where every day, kids get to learn new ways to help them live off the land and avoid anything they might not wish to encounter on a camping trip one day. Today Chris J. and Enzo R. learned about six different plant species. Wow! I wish I had that knowledge under my belt too, way to go Chris, and Enzo! Not too much later at the Backpacking Hut Davis O. got his bronze bar in Backpacking, taking one step further to his next promotion in the Little Chief ranks here at camp awesome job Davis!

Making our way down to the climbing tower today, with excitement and professionalism David C. and Spencer V. both were very eager to belay their fellow campers up the tower. With the help of our awesome climbing staff, David and Spencer both showed that they were fully capable of keeping our climbers safe using the proper technique and awesome attitude. Great job guys, keep it up! With another full day of activities done we can’t wait to see how our campers grow tomorrow and the rest of this session. With The Great Escape as our evening activity tonight, I can’t wait to hear of the strategy and game plans the campers used to solve the riddle of this truly awesome camp evening activity. We’ll see you tomorrow with even more amazing things to talk about God bless you all.

Signing off, 

Colby Short

Wrestling Instructor

Proud Black Bear