Today was an incredible first full day for our 3B campers here at Camp Timberlake. Today was filled with periods of the hot sun and cool shade, safety talks, and eating some great food! Usually, on Sundays, we have a more relaxed schedule so we can rest up for the week. However, since yesterday was an opening day, we took to our normal schedule for today. We started the day with a camp favorite: cinnamon rolls! We also had fruit, oatmeal, and other yummy options to choose from. Then, we worshipped at chapel and heard an awesome True Story from camp’s very own: John M! From there we took cabin photos and cleaned our cabins (shoutout to Big Slaty for getting a perfect 10 and winning cabin inspection today)!

After this exciting morning, we went on to our activities! Activities today were full of fun and learning. Each activity started with a safety talk to prepare campers appropriately with what to expect in each activity. Then, we got to the fun stuff! In PAWs, the campers took the sweet golden doodle puppies on a walk. They taught Sadie, Ollie, and Charlie how to heel and do puppy pushups and had so much fun while doing so! Campers taking rocketry learned the “Rocketry Handshake” today, and they will probably be practicing it all week! Spencer V. had a great day in kayaking (he practiced and perfected his roll)! Great job Spencer! Speaking of the lake, the canoeing class learned and practiced T-rescues. In addition, Boone K. did an incredible backflip off the high dive! Nice one Boone! As the day went on, we took a break from all the fun in our activities to have a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches and French fries- a huge hit! Then, we went to the best time (rest time) and had some free time after. Greybeard, Big Slaty, Little Slaty, and Stomper’s Knob had the BEST time at their free swim during the free period! After our afternoon activities were over, we headed back to The Tuck for a delicious dinner of pork chops, steamed carrots, and cheesy potatoes. We finished the meal with delicious chocolate ice cream bars! YUM!

Tonight, Junior Camp is playing an exciting game called Bandits Rancheros. It is an intense game with lots of moving parts played on the tennis courts. The Senior Camp is playing ultimate basketball: a cross between ultimate frisbee, handball, and basketball! Which tribe will win tonight? We can’t wait to find out! After the Golden Eagles won last night’s match of Sock War, both teams will surely be leaving it all out on the field or court! Today was an extremely fun and eventful day. We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of campers here at Timberlake, and we are excited to see what other lively, exciting things are to come in the next two weeks!


Savannah Aycock

Roll Tide and Anchor Down