We started the day with the sounds of pouring rain. Donning our rain jackets, we made a dash for the Tuck for a delicious breakfast of sausage biscuits and hashbrowns. We then scrambled to the Chapel, where we mixed things up and did the Morning Yell with Winston. Afterward, we sang some great rain-themed Chapel songs. We then heard a true story from Lucie. The rain began to subside, and we went on to clean our cabins. Today was a great day for cleaning, with the winner being a three-way tie!

Our morning classes were a blast! Max V. and David E. earned their silvers in Swimming. Spencer V. taught his Swimming class how to dive. Jonah N. learned how to brace and side-by-side rescue in Kayaking. Peter Q. successfully completed his roll in Kayaking. Theo T. launched his level-2 rocket, bringing him one step closer to his silver in Rocketry. After some big leaps in our activities, we were pretty hungry. 

For lunch, we had a camp favorite, tacos in a bag! It consists of a bag of Fritos filled with taco stuffings, making for a delicious meal. During lunch, it was announced that the Golden Eagles won last night’s game of

The Great Escape. We also celebrated Jonah N.’s 13th birthday. Happy Birthday, Jonah! 

Later in the day, we had our afternoon classes. Jack D. worked on hip snaps in Kayaking. Cole R. and Bennet J. walked puppies around camp. Rocketry class painted their rockets. Lucas Z. won 4 straight fencing matches. In Pottery, Cole S. made a pool, a gnome, and a cup.

We then sat down for a scrumptious dinner of roast beef and mashed potatoes. Our desert was the ever-popular confetti cake! After cleaning our plates and our tables, we listened to the evening announcements in anticipation. 

With a thunderous roar, we learned of our evening activity — El Presidente! After Bennet and Abdiel told us about the game in Spanish and English, we rushed to our cabins to put on our tribe jerseys. El Presidente is a camp classic, and we are pumped! Today was a terrific day. Now, we’ll tuck into our beds and fall asleep in anticipation of the fun that’ll come tomorrow. Today has been a great day, and things are only up from here!

Camp is great!

– Thomas Williams

 Rocketry Instructor

 Stompers Knob Counselor 

Proud Black Bear