It is Wednesday, my Dudes! The day started just like any other day at camp with reveille at 7:00 am sharp and a 7:30 breakfast of savory sausage, egg, hashbrown, and cheese casserole with a side of sweet cinnamon cream cheese bagel bites. After the morning ritual of the morning yell and chapel, it was off to the races for the Golden Plunger, the prize for the cleanest cabin over the next two weeks. For some, it was a regular day at camp, but for the cabins of Turtleback, Little Slaty, and Big Slaty. All three groups went on various cabin trips around the greater North Carolina area. Big Slaty went bouldering, Turtleback went to the swimming hole at Upper Creek Falls where there was a sliding rock and gorgeous view and a waterfall. Little Slaty went to Mount Mitchell, the highest point on the continental US east of the Mississippi River. In camp, Noah S. was doing 21 puppy push-ups with Sadie first period, and second-period PAWS took the pups on a walk through the Crooked Mile. Over at the Archery Range, Bradley J. got a 30-yard grouping for his silver while Matthew A. assisted in teaching the class for his gold in Archery. At the Chapel, where Cole S. and Henry B. were hard at work learning the C major, D major, and E minor in Guitar. At the lake, Canoeing class with Olin M. Hagan S. and Ford C. created the Death Star. Both George in Little Piney and Tyler S. both earned their bronze bar in Canoeing. 

After the first two activities, campers enjoyed a lunch of Pizza Pasta, and Breadsticks. During lunch, we learned the Golden Eagle Tribe won last night’s evening activity, El Presidente. We also got a strange visit from Mr. Hydration and Mrs. Hydration. 

During free time,  Eiji T. earned another mark by running the Crooked Mile for the sixth time in two weeks. In the afternoon activities, Mountain Biking with Evans B. and Maverick H. rode to the highest point on the over 200-acre property, Spyglass Hill. Both Eli V. and Ethan C. made it to the top of the climbing tower. Dinner was BBQ Chicken with Potatoes and Corn. Finally, after dinner, it was time to learn what the Evening Activity was … Senior Camp Bandits Rancheros and Junior Camp Cabin Night. Bandits Rancheros is another Tribe vs. Tribe Evening Activity. Cabin night is a special night where each cabin does a special activity such as a Free Swim, S’mores, or Puppy Bedtime. Finch’s Landing had a Fiesta following a Free Swim; Hawksbill had a Pancake Party in the Big House. Following the intense game of Bandits Rancheros Stomper’s Knob ran The Gauntlet in the lake. As the sunset over the Mystically Lovely Mountains of North Carolina, it seemed the next day would be the same as the last…

Or was it? Perhaps the silhouette of a certain cowboy could be seen riding off into the distance.

Signing Off,

Seth Brahney

Fencing Instructor

Proud Black Bear