Second session is off to a flying start here at Timberlake! The day dawned bright and beautiful as our staff and split session campers wolfed down a delicious breakfast of quiche and donut holes. As we scampered off to get to our Opening Day stations, there was excitement in the air as a record number of Timberlakers were set to arrive. 

The day certainly did not disappoint as friends both old and new arrived and immediately jumped into the fun. Cabins started their time together by sharing a picnic lunch outside (Garden Salsa Sun Chips have apparently been labeled the GOAT of all chips by some of our campers), and then we headed to the lake for a quick dip. As the sun crested the sky, the temps started to rise, making it the perfect time for an afternoon swim. As we headed back to the cabin, an afternoon rain show rolled in at just the right time. Campers gathered in their cabins to have cabin talks and get to know each other or get reacquainted. Once the storm had passed, we headed up to the council ring for initiation. 

Here at Camp Timberlake, we have two great and proud tribes: the powerful Golden Eagles and the mighty Black Bears. Each night the two tribes compete in large competitions and games that count towards the ultimate prize at camp, The Banner. The Banner has been fought over for many years, and whichever tribe emerges victorious will have its name written down in history as champions.

Today we initiated a great group of new warriors, faithful to their tribe. 

Our new Black Bears are:

James A, Jack B, Cole B, Aaron C, Nicholas F, Noah F, Braxton F, Colin G, Witt G, Bennett G, Isaac H, Alex H, Jack H, Mason L, Charles L, Garrett M, Emmett M, Aiden M, Evan M, Eli M, Enzo R, Luca R, Ryan S, Neel S, Charlie W and Gabe W

Our new Golden Eagles are:

John David A, Brennan B, Ethan C, Max G, Kyle G, Hank K, Miles K, Luke L, William N, Noah P, Jacob S, Charlie C and Giancarlo Z

After a scrumptious supper of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and dinner rolls, we played our first tribal game of the session, Sock War! If you’ve never played Sock War before, picture a giant capture the flag style game where instead of tagging your opponent you throw a sock at them to get them out. It was an intense first game, and I can’t wait to find out who came out on top. 

As campers get settled in for a good night’s sleep, the cool mountain breeze has picked up here at Timberlake. It’s been a great start to the session, and I know it will only get better from here. Be sure to check back each night to read all about our adventures and thank you for sharing your boys with us this summer!

John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle