Waking up to a nice breeze and sun peaking out of the clouds is all one could ask for on a Friday morning at Camp Timberlake. Well rested and ready to seize the day, campers sprinted down to the Tuck for some blueberry muffins with a side of eggs and hash browns. After getting all the food we could ask for, campers raised their fists heavenward and broke the record for loudest morning yell by at least 4 decibels. From there, we all headed on to Chapel where we sang Noah, Anchor for my Soul. To cap off an amazing morning, we heard from David talking about a story from a camping trip and relating it to the question of who is Jesus.  


As the race for the Golden plunger gets tighter than ever, campers made sure there was not a speck of dust left anywhere in the cabin. 


Outside of camp, we had two trips out including a fly fishing with Will H. Jack H. Christian M. Thax M. Ethan C. Luke L. who ended up having a successful day on the river catching tons of fish! The other expedition was out to the “Beacon Heights” where Mac P. Jacob S. Michael T. Charles V. Jaik W. Wells F. Andrew R. and Gavin W. bouldered hard and honed their skills on the rock. 


For lunch we had some fantastic chicken caesar wraps with a camp favorite side PRETZEL BITES with cheese dipping sauce. Lunch would not be complete without the announcement of the winner of cabin cleanup from this morning which was none other than Greybeard! Of course, the announcement all of junior camp was ready to hear who won Battleball the night before… the GOLDEN EAGLES!! In this wire to wire race for the banner, every evening activity matters. We all then headed to best time (rest time) where Stomper’s Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty, and Greybeard all anxiously awaited their free swim during free time. 


After a full afternoon of activities and a delicious dinner of cheese ravioli, we waited out a brief rain shower and then hiked up to the council ring for our Little Chief ceremony. We hold this ceremony once a week and recognize a few of the great ways our campers have been growing at Timberlake. Specifically we recognize those who have earned Bronze, Silver or Gold Bars in activities as well as counselor and camper commendations. These commendations are voted on by the cabins and counselors and seek to recognize campers who are demonstrating the four pillars of servant leadership: Courage, Humility, Grit and Empathy. Finally we recognize those campers who have earned a promotion in the Little Chief system, which essentially brings together all of the elements above. 


Tonight our commendations went to 



Counselor: Alex H, Will N

Camper: Eli M, Nicolas P

Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Jack B, Luke F

Camper: Mick L, Harrison B

Further Up

Counselor: Bobby D, Luke L

Camper: Luke H, Luke M

Further In

Counselor: Lucas B, Fin C

Camper: Fin C, George dB


Counselor: Blake P, Sam G

Camper: Gray W, Will M


Counselor: Charlie C, Connor T

Camper: Elias W, Garrett M

Little Piney

Counselor: Ben P, David B, Matthew H

Camper: Bishop D, Neel S

Big Piney

Counselor: Cam M, Mac C, Jude H

Camper: Hutton S, Phillip H, Carson B

Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Gary M, Brit M, Giancarlo Z

Camper: Gary M, Britt M, Charlie A

Little Slaty

Counselor: Nolan S, Wait M, Barrett B

Camper: Jack V, Aubrey S, Robert S

Big Slaty: 

Counselor: Ford B, Mac P, Charlie V

Camper: Andrew R, Jack W, Brodie B


Counselor: Brayden C, Garrett S

Camper: Brayden C, Noah V


Our promotions went to:


Scout-Noah B, Ward C, Charles C, Fin C, Thomas C, Hayes D, Max D, Luke F, Sam G, Luke H, Will H, Kolson M, Ryan M, Aidan P, Sheppard S, Connor T

Guide-, Tristan D, Mick L, Teddy M, Elias W, Gray W

Pioneer- , Christian M, Blake P 

Tracker-, Barrett B, David Allen B, Mac C, Charles D, Emerson F, Louie F, Sanders H, Gary M, Hutton S, William V

Hunter-Brodie B

Warrior-, Wait M, Mac P, Graham W


After the ceremony we played a spirited game of counselor hunt. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see who emerged victorious. Thanks for checking in and tune in tomorrow for more from Camp Timberlake!


Chancellor Reynolds, 

Hawksbill Counselor

Proud Black Bear