It is important every week to remember that Sundays were made to be different, and to be restful, and today that is exactly what Camp Timberlake got! On Sundays here at camp Timberlake, everyone (except those younger campers ready to attack the day) get to sleep in an extra hour and wake up at 8! In addition to that, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to the soothing sound of rain on the cabin roof. Today was also the first day of the week where we got a break from the high temperatures as the high sat at a comfortable, overcast 73! After a week full of 87 or higher every day, everyone was ready to cool off a bit, and certainly welcomed the beautiful misty morning. 

After a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bagels, we all went outside for the morning yell, and a special chapel, where the counselors of each cabin spent time praying for the cabins, and their campers after collecting prayer requests at breakfast. After chapel, everyone ran quickly to their cabins for cabin cleanup, and cabin pictures! The morning activities included cards in the chapel, frog catching, fishing, an incredibly wet and slippery soccer game where everyone had fun sliding around on our soaking wet Spencer’s Green, and some giant Jenga! We also had several competitions and tournaments available for people to join. The sandcastle building contest was won by Kings Castle built by several of our Huckleberry campers, namely Charlie, Eli M, Ryan and Will N. Our fort building competition was won Team Baguette members Charlie L. and David Allen B. Finally, a tradition unlike any other, our tradition Sunday at the Masters Disc Golf Tournament consisted of separate front 9 and back 9 competitions on our 18-hole course. The winners of the front 9 were Cam M. and Ethan W. The winners of the back 9 were brothers Brayden C. and Gresham C.  

After lunch, almost everyone went to the best hour, Rest Hour! There were however several lucky people who got to stick around, as today was sibling day for camps Timberlake and Merri-Mac! This meant that every boy who had a sister at camp Merri-Mac got to see them and catch up a little bit, as their sisters came over to Timberlake for a Free Swim during rest hour! After getting to spend a little bit of time with their sisters, Merri-Mac left again and everyone else enjoyed free time for the rest of the afternoon. Pizza and watermelon were delivered to the front porch of every cabin for dinner, right before Vespers, which of course consisted of only bangers, and several awesome skits featuring Camp Timberlake heroes Ping and Pong, as well as several hilarious camper-produced skits! 

Aside from all this crazy action, we also had a whitewater rafting trip go out today with Lucas B, Ethan C, Luke H, Hudson M, Brennon B, Will H, Sheppard S, Luke M, Emmett M, Aidan P, Kolson M and Hayes D. We also have several campers who have been preparing feverishly, and with great excitement for Camp Cup, and we will be cheering on Garret S, Ford B, Jack W, Gavin W and Powell M as they venture forth in the next two days, and we eagerly await their return and the stories they will bring with them!


Jean Marc Ragsdale

Cabin Area Director

Proud Golden Eagle