Happy Monday Camp Timberlake! Anywhere outside of camp, Mondays are a drag, but today was anything but. After a restful Sunday yesterday, the campers were ready to start a fun and adventurous day at camp today. We woke up to some cooler weather this morning, and the campers were ready to dig into some sausage and french toast for breakfast. My table, Stomper’s Knob, was especially excited for the surprise of chocolate milk at the neighborhood tables. Then, we all headed outside for the morning yell and a chapel given by counselor Jordan R. Cabin cleanup soon followed, as each of the cabins are in a tight race for the coveted golden plunger. Stay tuned for Thursday night’s post to see which cabin scored the highest in cleanup this session to take the W! 

Activities began in full swing this morning where the guys worked towards bars and achieved new goals alongside their friends. The magic of camp happens in these “normal” days, as friendships and confidence grow through their continued achievements, in their activities, and just hanging out in the cabin. This magic was seen all throughout camp today. Over in rocketry, Luke L. earned his bronze and Brayden C. earned his gold! They were launching rockets throughout the cloudy sky today, and it was truly legendary. Jake O. got his bronze over at the tennis courts today, and pottery began glazing their clay creations. Diving class learned all sorts of new skills: Front flips, one-and-a-halfs, gainers, back dives, and more were being thrown by campers of all ages. With correct diving form too! 

Soon enough, lunch was served: quesadillas and refried beans with a side of broccoli cheddar soup. The winner of last night’s evening activity was also announced: the Golden Eagles! Way to go guys! The campers headed out of the tuck and back to their cabins for rest time, and then to free time. During free time, a Timberlake task-based scavenger hunt began. The Adventure Race is a 3-hour long race between 6 teams of four that lasts from free time until dinner. Campers must be 13 to compete, and the teams for this legendary challenge were the Lazer Tigers: Andrew R., Wells F., Charlie V., and Mac P. Team Maverick: Parker H., Eli G., Rees R., and Will M. Escape Knobs: Nolan S., Gary M., Giancarlo Z., and Britt M. Team 919: Charlie D., Elliot D., Hayden C., and Kirk F. Team Rich Minion: Graham W., Barrett B., Trey W., and Reid P. Finally, Team Big Piney: Carson B., Luca R., Hudson S., and Miles K.

The winners of the Adventure Race was …. Team Maverick! Congrats to everyone who participated.

More bars were earned this afternoon, as the guys continue to develop concrete skills and goals through their activities. Mac C. and Jack H. both earned their gold bar in swimming, while Jude H. got groupings in Archery towards his bronze. Barrett B. also achieved his bronze in riflery. In fitness, Isaac H. completed his half murph in 23:57, the fastest time so far this session. Just hearing about what a murph was made me tired, so that is quite a feat.

Outside of camp today, there were two trips out to some great rivers in the area. Whitewater rafting today was Sam G., Max G., Bennett G., Jack H., William M., Blake P., Duncan N., Connor T., Hank K., and Jackson G. Fly fishing today was Pace L., Julien A., Parker D., and William V. On the fly fishing trip, Pace L. caught six wild trout. I didn’t even know that was possible. Also out today was a very special overnight kayaking trip known as Camp Cup. Summer camps in the area with kayaking and canoe programs bring in their best paddlers for a two-day showdown at the Nantahala river. It’s awesome, and a really cool way that the guys here get to represent camp in a fun, noncompetitive racing environment. Participating in Camp Cup today and tomorrow are Garrett S., Jack W., Gavin W., Ford B., and Powell M.

The guys headed up to dinner after a day full of activities and fun, and are now playing the camp-wide treasure hunt known as the Great Escape. Later tonight, free swim will be held, s’mores will be roasted, and games of football and wiffle ball will be played outside of cabins. Camp is truly a magical place, and I feel lucky every day that I am working here and experiencing it with campers and staff alike. 

Until tomorrow!


Lucie Christian

Waterfront Director

Red Wolf