Another Tuesday has come and gone here at Camp Timberlake! We started off our day with a hearty and delicious breakfast that consisted of chocolate muffins, bacon, hash browns, and eggs. I personally enjoyed the oatmeal that was served at our neighborhood tables. After breakfast, we gathered at the porch of the Tuck for our daily ‘morning yell’ that was led by our very own friendly neighborhood camp director, John.  Following that, we made our way to the chapel for morning worship and a true story given by counselor Rien F. Clean-up would soon follow, as each of the cabins are in a competitive race for the golden plunger and pizza party. On Thursday, we will soon learn which lucky cabin will reign as the Session 2F cleanest cabin!

As the day started to pick up, and activities came into play, many of the guys worked towards bars and accomplished many goals. In rocketry, the guys launched rockets from the top of Spyglass Hill. The HIGHEST point here at Camp Timberlake! Andrew R got his silver bar in tennis today, while Gary M and Carson K both earned their silver bar in diving. Over in airsoft, bronze and silver bars were accomplished, Giancarlo Z and George dB earned their bronzes, while Jack H and William M earned their silvers. In fitness, Enzo R and Luke H earned their bronze bars, and Jude H and Will P both completed their ½ murph to earn silver. Sam G completed 10 consecutive pull ups, 2 tire jumps, and a 7:36 mile to earn his silver. Andrew R earned a mark for completing his 6th lap on the Crooked Mile, while Miles K and Noah V each completed their 5th lap. In disc golf, Enzo R and Emerson F earned their bronze bars, and in wrestling, Daniel V got his silver, while Jude H, Jacob H, and Cole B received their bronze bars.

After a day full of fun and accomplished goals, the guys headed to the Tuck for a fantastic sweet Thai chili chicken dinner followed by some scrumptious chocolate cake. As the evening approaches us here in the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, those in junior camp are enjoying their cabin nights full of adventure and fun, roasting marshmallows and swimming with their cabin brothers, while senior camp is enjoying a fun game of Bandits Rancheros on the tennis courts. After a fun but sweat-breaking senior camp activity and junior camp cabin night, campers and staff both will head to bed tired but excited for tomorrow. I promise there is no place like Camp Timberlake! 

Signing off,

John S. Jeffery III

Wofford College Admissions Counselor                                                  

Current Little Piney Counselor                                                                

Former Hawksbill Counselor

Proud Black Bear!