As one would be inclined to believe, the first full day of activities in Session 3A began today at Timberlake! Mystic loveliness overwhelmed camp as children flooded down to breakfast this morning with a thick layer of cool fog resting gently on top of the lake- truly an amazing introduction to camp! Breakfast was a personal favorite- breakfast casserole! Think hash-browns, melted cheese, and sausage all cooked together into a single heavenly dish and divine goodness in just one bite! This one-of-a-kind breakfast set the campers up for a phenomenal start with full bellies and lots of energy.

After the camp photograph and an inspiring (one might say eruptive) chapel message from our friendly neighborhood camp director John Menendez, the campers acquainted themselves with one of the most challenging activities here at camp: cabin cleanup! And, while some cabins received a rude awakening with regard to their cleaning ability, most proved themselves worthy of high praise. Then after cabin cleanup, it was off to first period!

At this point, it makes sense to summarize some of the outstanding achievements on day one:

  • Jack S, Charlie S, Owen M, and Chance S won an airsoft tournament!
  • Max W earned his bronze bar in diving! Seriously impressive!
  • Beckett B shot a grouping in archery!
  • Rocketry performed some demonstrative tutorials from the top of Spyglass Hill- truly and literally sending our rockets higher than ever before!
  • Fencing classes worked on their Fundamental Fencing Footwork!

The pizza lunch today at Camp Timberlake could only be described as delectable, with a mouth-watering Caesar salad to complement- not much to clean up at the end of this meal! Even with such a tough meal to follow, dinner somehow managed to top it, with the fan-favorite Taco-in-a-Bag! (To refresh your memory, allow me to paint you a picture: Fritos, topped with taco meat, topped with rice, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, all shaken up within the Fritos bag). I think I can speak plainly and truthfully when I say that today has had the best assortment of culinary adventures of any day at camp!

After lunch today, the two great tribes here at Timberlake held their monthly elections for leaders! The Black Bears (Bear Down!) elected Ryland K as Chief, Ferdinand B as Elder, and for Lookouts: Charlie S and Keaton J! The Golden Eagles (Wings Up!) elected Andres D as Chief (fulfilling his prophecy as the Chosen One!), Alexander W as Elder, and Harris N and Cole R as Lookouts! After a tight contention for Sock War last night, it’s clear that a lot rests on these leaders to secure the Banner for their tribe this session, and we know they’ll do great! (Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the Black Bears took home the victory last night! It’s a good day to be a BB)!

Well, the Golden Eagles have a shot at redemption tonight as the new tribal leaders settle into their roles in an exciting game of El Presidente! The rules a bit much to get into here, but it’s one of those games that has been around camp for a very long time, guaranteeing a full night of fun.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to share! Camp is really getting into full swing for Session 3A, and we wish all of our boys a good time and great memory-making.


Teddy Oakey

Further In Cabin Counselor

Canoeing Instructor