It was another beautiful morning here at camp, with birds singing and stomachs rumbling we headed down to the Tuck for another excellent meal our fantastic kitchen staff prepared for us. Today we had sausage biscuits, eggs, potatoes, and an oatmeal bar, a great way to start a day full of new activities and adventures. After breakfast, we headed outside for our morning yell and then to chapel to worship and hear a true story from our very own Camp Director, John Menendez. With new wisdom in the minds of the campers, most of them headed to the cabins to clean up and get ready for their new activities, but we had a big group of guys on some awesome trips today. Going kayaking today we had Reid S., Zachary M., David C., Oliver G., George P., and Griffin W. Going mountain biking we had Mason B., Ford B., Ryland K., William B., Richard B., Alexander W., Caleb D., Rees R., Patrick P., and Ferdinand B. who had an awesome time biking at Lake James and swimming afterward! Our final trip that went out today was whitewater rafting, on this one we had Lawson H., Elijah H., Beau I., Connor J., Briggs L., Brooks L., Luke Q., Jack S., Chase S., Brad S., Luca V., and Landon K. With a big group of guys gone having adventures outside of camp, we had some here at Timberlake as well. With puppies running around, kids climbing some gnarly routes on our boulder, and full sends off the blob, it was definitely a great second day to Session 3A.

Lunch rolled around and we got to have one of my personal favorites: corn dog nuggets and mac’n’cheese, a very popular meal all around the camp. After we ate to our hearts’ content, we got news of who one EL Presidente last night, and with a tough break for the Golden Eagles, the Black Bears claimed the victory. The rest of the day’s activities were full of fun and achievement, with Thomas L. earning his bronze in canoeing, way to go dude! Once all of our trips returned, we welcomed them back with open arms and BBQ Chicken, a necessary meal for the two intense tribal activities we had planned for tonight. Upper camp is going to see who can claim the Bandits and Rancheros title, and Junior Camp is doing the same for California Kickball, good luck to all! With another full day at Timberlake about wrapped up, we are getting ready to go to our cabins for showers and devotion. Check in tomorrow to see who won these two great games tonight! Goodnight and God bless you all!

Colby Short

Big Piney Counselor