Camp Timberlake woke up today to a drizzly morning with the clouds remaining heavy and dark while a cacophony of noise drifted into the air as campers and counselors alike woke up and got ready for breakfast. Luckily, one of the most famous and liked breakfasts was waiting for us in the form of many shapes. These shapes included sausage, eggs, biscuits, hash-browns, and cheese that all fit wonderfully with some gravy into a sandwich that left the campers satisfied, full, and content with the morning so far. At chapel, we sang songs with the classic camp hymn closing out our musical section and preceding the tale of forgiveness told wonderfully by Winston H.

The drizzle and deluge from the night before didn’t stop the big trip of the day with EJ B, Matthew A, Oliver G, Caleb D, Grant S, Wesley T, Griffin W, Oliver M, Harrison D, Eli W, Maxwell B, and David K leaving shortly after to brave the river on a wet and wild rafting trip. The rest of the camp ran over to cabin cleanup and was shortly on their way to classes while the clouds continued to dissipate into the sun and the warm weather we all are used to here.

Campers were busy as ever here this morning during their classes, especially over at the fitness where many circuits were run and Milo C completed a half murph which is half a mile run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, and another half mile run in less than an hour! The mountain biking trip was sadly pushed to tomorrow due to bad trail conditions, but that didn’t stop campers of all ages getting out and hitting the camp trails as well as the pump track today.

With everyone’s stomachs letting them know that the lunch bell was about to be rung, it was time to head to the Tuck for a delicious meal of quesadillas with so many toppings there almost wasn’t enough room on our tables to fit it all. After a good meal, we headed to the best time (rest time) for some letter writing, napping, and book reading. However, this time was soon to be followed by free time, an epic free swim, and a guest appearance of John M. for the middle cabins, Hawksbill, Turtleback, Little Piney, and Big Piney.

As free time came to a close, the campers got right back to work as they shot out a super productive afternoon through their classes. Over at the ranges, Theo T got a grouping in archer while Rees R achieved his silver in riflery. Those down at the lake provided a list just as impressive while Landon K achieved a wet exit in kayaking and over at the diving board Max W nailed a backflip and Graham W achieved his bronze as well in diving. As classes came to a close and the overnight climbing trip returned with many stories of both great camping and climbing at the Chimneys, we headed to dinner to get a final meal of the day. This one was just as good as the rest as we had pasta and biscuits with honey, jam, or butter. Finally, junior camp and senior camp split up to go compete in the daily tribal games and are running around currently working together to bring home a victory and glory for either the Golden Eagles or the Black Bears.

As another full day comes to a close here at Timberlake, the sun begins to sink and the nightly routine will soon commence to get everyone back in bed and ready for tomorrow. Check in tomorrow for all the happenings and achievements that happen there, but for now I will bid everyone a goodnight!

Rien Freeman

Campfire connoisseur

Big Piney Counselor